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Aug 07, 2019

Approx. 9 min. read

Workplace Communication: 19 Ways Smarp Uses Smarp

I recently had the chance to catch up with some friends working at Slack who focus on educating their customers on the best ways to use their...


I recently had the chance to catch up with some friends working at Slack who focus on educating their customers on the best ways to use their platform. Over the course of a few beers, I began to understand that there was a huge difference between how we at Smarp use Slack when compared to how Slack uses it themselves.

This got me thinking about our own platform, Smarp, and how we use it internally for workplace communication.

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We use Smarp for all sorts of communication. From personnel updates and business results all the way to blog posts and marketing videos. Most of the information we gather as a company makes its way to Smarp one way or another.

So I thought I’d share some examples on how Smarp uses Smarp, both for internal as well as external communication.

So grab a cup of coffee and check out 19 ways Smarp uses Smarp.

Smarp for Internal Workplace Communication

By internal workplace communication I mean information that needs to stay within the company, or that we don’t want to share with a broader audience. This information is either sensitive, related to our competition or simply does not interest an external audience.

1. Personnel Updates

There is a reason I’m leading with personnel updates. Over the last year, a staggering 8 out of the 10 most-read posts in our feed are related to personnel updates. These range from newcomers and promotions all the way to the offboarding of some of our beloved colleagues.

Smarp makes it easy and convenient to give people a virtual handshake or personal note whenever changes occur in any of our teams. And we love it. A lot.

personnel updates in workplace communication

2. Pulse Surveys

Smarp employees are not just interested in their peers, but Smarp as a company is also interested in its employees. That’s why we organize a quarterly pulse survey to check in and see how each team is doing.

Smarp makes distributing these surveys a breeze. Simply share it in the correct channels to make sure each team receives it. Pulse surveys are a big deal for us, so we’ll sometimes even notify everyone with a push notification to help us get as many responses as possible.

3. Event Schedules and Agendas

Like any company, we arrange a good amount of events for our employees. From bi-annual kickoffs all the way to team lunches and company parties, most events and their agendas are shared on Smarp.

This makes it easier for everyone to stay informed on what’s going to be happening at any given event. Additionally, it makes it easier for people to ask questions related to a specific event. Just imagine trying to do the same by sending out a reply-all to a meeting invite in your calendar. Convenient, right?

event schedules and agendas in workplace communication

4. Company Updates

Company updates can be miscellaneous. Maybe it’s an update on a strategic decision made in a board meeting. Or maybe it’s information on how fundraising is going. Or maybe it’s something as simple as an upcoming fire drill taking place at the office.

Whatever the case, Smarp makes it easy for us to share important updates and enables us to reach the right people at the right time. This makes it super easy for us employees to stay up-to-date at a glance.

5. Business Results

This could be considered a company update, but I decided to keep it separate as it’s a recurring update for us. We strive for transparency in workplace communication, and business results are no different.

These updates can occur on a quarterly or monthly basis, but the idea is the same: make sure everyone understands where the company is in terms of our key performance indicators.

business results in workplace communication

6. Feature Updates

As we’re a growth stage technology company, enhancing our product is crucial to stay competitive. Before we ever market these product enhancements externally, it’s important that we as a company know what’s going on with the tool.

Whether it’s a projected product roadmap, an incremental update to our existing features or a full-blown new feature release, Smarp is the first place where we share the news.

7. Sales Enablement Materials

This is something personally close to my heart given that I work in product marketing. Every company needs a bunch of great materials to support the sales cycle. This includes stuff like new pitch decks, contract templates and ways to handle objections… just to name a few.

Smarp is where we aggregate all of this information. The ability of our sales team (or any team) to quickly access whatever information they need can determine whether we win or lose. Better yet, we integrate with a number of external file storage solutions which allows our people to consume this information directly in Smarp.

sales enablement materials in workplace communication

8. Learning Materials

Not everyone can know everything by heart, and that’s just fine. What matters is being able to teach yourself what you need to know.

Everything from onboarding materials to the aforementioned sales enablement information is stored neatly in our Smarp resources, ensuring that we are all able to self-educate ourselves at a moment's notice. Additionally, we like to get into the habit of sharing interesting books, blogs and podcasts from outsiders that we think might help our colleagues learn.

9. Meeting Recordings

Ever missed a meeting? I have. It might not matter if it’s a non-important, “meeting-for-the-sake-of-meeting” -type of meeting. But what if you miss the big ones? The important ones?

All of our crucial meetings are recorded and shared on Smarp. Meetings like all-hands meetings, product demos, and strategy meetings. Even the occasional sales meeting is recorded for us to distribute internally and learn from.

meeting recordings in workplace communication

10. Competitor Updates

Most companies have competitors, and so do we. Most companies also like to make moves, and so do our competitors. So it’s useful for us to stay on top of what they are doing.

We have a channel in our Smarp instance set up solely for hosting information mentioning our competitors. We even have keywords set up that search for these mentions and can automatically import that to Smarp. Super useful for keeping tabs on our competitors.

Smarp for External Workplace Communication

By external workplace communication I mean content and communications that we want our employees to share with their own networks. These are pieces that we are proud of. Pieces that we want the world to see. With that in mind, there is no better way to get this content out into the world than having our employees act as brand ambassadors.

11. Blog Posts

A good portion of our marketing efforts revolve around our blog. We publish new blog posts at least twice a week and obviously want as many people as possible to read them… so thank you for reading this right now!

All of our blog posts are added to Smarp for our employees to read and share with their networks. Better yet, using a simple Zapier automation allows us to connect our marketing automation tool and automatically add new blog posts to Smarp, freeing up much-appreciated manpower.

12. Webinars

We host a lot of webinars. At least one per month. These are great at engaging our audience and educating the market about what it is we do at Smarp.

These webinars are shared on Smarp to 1. make sure our employees know what’s coming and 2. help us attract more attendees through our people. Additionally, links to webinar recordings can be found on Smarp after the webinars are over to help us repurpose them later on.

webinars in workplace communication

13. Open Positions

Did you know that current employees are the most trusted source about what it’s like to work for a company? Or that recruitments through employee referrals are 55% faster than hires initiated through career sites?

As a growth company, we are constantly recruiting. One of our favorite ways to source candidates is by having our employees share our open positions. Sometimes people browsing social media don’t even know they want a new job… until they see a friend promoting one.

💡By the way, this is called Social Recruiting! Be sure to check out our eBook "How to Succeed in Social Recruiting with Employee Advocacy" to get the scoop on how it's done!

14. Success Stories

We love our customers, but not as much as we love seeing them succeed. And if we can help them do that, then we love it even more.

Having our employees share success stories and case studies about our customers is one of the best ways to spread the word about Smarp. After all, most companies want to know what kind of results they can expect by using our platform.

15. eBooks

eBooks are another great way for us to build our thought leadership position. Whenever we find a gap between what the market knows and what they should know, we’ll write a book on it.

Every single eBook we write gets shared on Smarp. This not only ensures that our employees can share the relevant ones with their networks, but also allows them to consume them at their leisure. This helps us spread our knowledge both internally and externally and boosts our workplace communication tenfold.

ebooks in workplace communication

16. Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are fun to make. I’ve personally been involved in making a number of our videos, either through producing or acting. They’re also a lot of work. So it would kind of suck if no one saw them.

We’ll share these through the usual channels like social media and email, but that often isn’t enough to get the number of views we want. That’s why we put it all on Smarp. After all, employees typically have about 10x the reach of company profiles on social media.

17. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is essentially offering an incentive for potential buyers in exchange for an email address. Similar to any other gated content, but easier to interact with.

This can be either an email headline grader, ROI calculator or even the eBooks I talked about earlier. Whatever the magnet, we love adding these to Smarp to make sure our sales reps can easily share and track interaction on them whenever they need it.

18. Company News

Not to be confused with internal company updates, company news is a type of company update that we want to share with the world. The big-ticket stuff.

For us, this includes news like new, closed funding rounds. Or the opening of a new office. We also share the news when we host external events in our target markets. So basically most PR pieces. Again, Smarp makes sure our big-ticket news gets the attention it deserves.

company news in workplace communication

19. Social Media Content

Most of what I’ve covered so far gets shared through our social media channels. But the material above really isn’t built for those channels. What I mean by social media content is content made specifically for social media.

Content like thought-provoking questions. Quotes from influencers. Or even a goofy video about a trending social media challenge. We bring a lot of these posts directly to Smarp for employees to share with their own networks. These shares work similarly to traditional reshares or retweets on social media, but can be carried out directly in Smarp. No need for employees to jump between company social media profiles resharing every post!

communicating at the workplace

There you have it. 19 ways we as a company utilize our own platform for workplace communication. And I could keep going. The applications for Smarp are endless. If you’re interested in hearing some additional ones that weren’t mentioned here, then just click the button below. 👇

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