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Jan 29, 2019

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Why Your Target Audience Isn’t Reading Your Content

As soon as brands decide to commit to content marketing, they dive deep into content creation. You aim to create as much content as possible. You...

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As soon as brands decide to commit to content marketing, they dive deep into content creation. You aim to create as much content as possible. You can’t successfully build a content marketing strategy without it, right?

The numbers back up this focus on content creation. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 benchmarks, budgets, and trends report, content creation is the area of content marketing that’s seen the largest reported increase over the past 12 months, increasing by 56%.

Unfortunately, though, creating content doesn’t guarantee it will succeed, or even be seen.

With more businesses using content to gain customers’ attention, it’s getting harder for yours to be noticed. In this sense, the problem is less about what content you’re creating and more about what you’re doing with it within your bigger marketing strategy.

If your content isn’t bringing in results, the problem may lie in your marketing and distribution strategy. Here are some of the common mistakes you might be making, and how you can fix them:

You Only Promote Content Once

One easy mistake to make is simply not promoting your content enough for your full audience to see it. Between time zones, work hours, news feed algorithms, and inbox tabs, that’s too easy for your target customers to miss.

This is why it’s so important to provide multiple opportunities to “find” your content. CoSchedule experimented and found that by implementing a sharing schedule for new content instead of just sharing it once, they were able to generate 192% more clicks to their content.

why-the-content-you-create-goes-unseen-minNot only does sharing content multiple times on social media drive better results in terms of reach and engagement, but it also saves you time as you’re not constantly looking for new content and topics to talk about. For example, your social media manager can share multiple excerpts from a new blog post throughout the day. Even though users sign off and sign on throughout the day, everyone following you has a chance to see your content.

You can also share the same blog post in multiple ways. For example, once with an excerpt and once by resharing another team member’s comment on the content.

You’re Tapping into a Fraction of Your Audience

Another mistake, one that’s even more common, is only marketing new content from your company’s brand accounts and profiles. But your employees have their own networks and online circles, from account managers with day-to-day customer contacts to HR employees building the employer brand.

Have you ever considered how big your brand’s potential reach is when you take your employees’ personal networks into account?

This is where employee advocacy and content marketing support each other well when planned strategically. Start encouraging your coworkers to share the content that the marketing team creates in any relevant places.

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Depending on their social media usage, that might mean sharing it on LinkedIn where their sales prospects or customer contacts will see it. Or perhaps it means sharing it on Twitter or in relevant Facebook groups. Your team is out talking to customers in so many different places, but right now it’s disjointed from your official content marketing strategy when it shouldn’t be.

You’re Not Using Content in the Sales Funnel

Finally, there’s more to content marketing and distribution than driving traffic to new content. A successful content marketing strategy meets the right prospect with the right content at the right moment. This means your content marketing strategy needs to include driving new leads to content that serves their current needs.

However, most companies don’t have an easy or intuitive way for leads to find the content they need. The same is true for their employees outside of the marketing team who could be using content in their own work.

how-great-content-can-boost-your-sales-minMake sure you’re making it easy for anyone in your company to use content at any moment of the sales process. This partially includes hot topics like using marketing automation to drip out emails. But truly using content throughout the sales process requires a bigger shift in how your team works.

For example, a helpful, big picture change is building an internal content hub to communicate and share content with your whole company. Sharing your latest content with your employees and having a way to point someone towards the most helpful resource at any time helps employees in their processes and work.

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Maximize Your Content’s Potential

With so much effort going into your company’s content creation, there’s no reason not to fully invest in making it work. By organizing and simplifying how your company communicates around content, you can make it more of a team effort with the reach to succeed.

Are you looking for tips to boost your content strategy? Watch our recorded webinar "How to Boost Lead Generation with Employee Advocacy" and learn how your employees can help you increase your content reach! 

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