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Nov 24, 2020

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Why IT Needs a Communications Infrastructure with Yogesh Malik (Podcast)

The more we talk to communications professionals from around the world, the more we’re hearing the same concept being echoed:

The role of IT in communication is immense.

The larger the company, the tricker it becomes to enable effective communication to each and every employee. When your employee count is in the thousands, or tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands – being able to reach the right person at the right time with the right message becomes a daunting task. For this you typically need to have the right set of technology in place. Not just your communications platform – systems like your human capital management platform, single sign-on tools, file hosting, content management… the list goes on and on.

That is where IT comes in. In most cases, the technology organization owns the technology infrastructure and is responsible for having the systems in it work together in harmony.

So to enable those aforementioned effective communications often requires the relationship between IT and communications to be tight. But how do communications pros convince their IT departments that it's worthwhile to invest time and resources into a communications program? What is in it for IT?

For episode 14 of the Comms Shift, I had the chance to chat with Yogesh Malik, former Group CTO at VEON about just that.

Yogesh has spent the past 15 years in senior roles including CEO, COO and CTO at major multinational organizations. Throughout his work, he has remained convinced how people, innovation and technology can make a sustainable and positive impact.

A firm believer in digital transformation, Yogesh also understands the role of communications and how important it is to have the right technology and processes in place to succeed.

During the episode, we cover topics such as:

  • The role of Communications in an enterprise organization, from the perspective of the CTO
  • How IT and Communications collaborate and contribute to each other's efforts
  • The importance of clear and consistent communication in making IT plans a reality
  • What Communications teams can do to get IT buy-in and support bringing in new communications technology

Listen below! 🔊


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Aleksander Cardwell

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