Why I Advocate – And You Should Too

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Last updated: November 26, 2016

Having employees state their opinions and build their thought leadership is good for business.


I think, therefore I blog. Firstly I’d just like to state, that I have a confession to make which may shock you… I have never seen the value in blogging, until very recently.

I often thought: “Who cares what I have to say?” This seems to be a blocker for many wordsmiths and hidden blogging talent within organisations. Not saying that I am either a hidden talent, or a blog master in the making, but that rather than process ideas in my head, scribing it down is sometimes the better option.

We all have opinions, and opinions are a beautiful thing to have. They aren’t right or wrong, but if one truly believes in what one is saying then one’s opinion is, well… one’s opinion. No matter how unfounded or wrong it may appear to outside influences.

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Who Cares What You Have to Say?

That got me onto thinking about why would people care about what I have to say? To tie it into a business environment, why do people care about what your business or employees have to say?

Social media and advocating your business is a vital part of the business world from now until the foreseeable future. With content being curated, created and distributed with joyous abandon, why would anyone care about what you’re saying, selling and spreading?

The big question is, does it matter if people care what you want to say?

The beauty of encouraging your employees to state their opinions and become thought leaders has an enormous knock-on effect to your business. Having strongly held beliefs is a great tool for personal growth and one’s personal brand. Employees come first, and imagine how good your business looks when your employees are trusted and their opinions matter and are respected by clients who read them. 

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Trusting Your Employees’ Opinions

One of the most important questions to ask yourselves as business leaders is: “Do I trust my employees to state their opinions on certain subjects?”

As someone called Mr. Shakespeare once said, “Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none”. I think we can all agree that is a pretty good mantra to live by professionally and personally. Your most trusted employees are the ones to love, and the ones most likely to love you back. Therefore, their opinions must be heard, as no amount of marketing or sales strategies will ever beat the firmly held opinion of a thought leader within a business.


Our Thought Leaders, Lead!

That’s where we come in. We’ve been encouraging Smarp’s employees to become leaders in employee communications, and we’re seeing amazing benefits. Our employees are leaders in our industry throughout social media, and we’re asked on a daily basis to speak at events, run networking councils and discuss our experience in the blogosphere.

Now, just imagine. Your employees being leaders and key influencers in your industry and trusted while gaining trust from their peers. We can all agree that this is the value of having employees blog, create and distribute content.

I’ll leave the final words to Jonathan Gottschall author of The Storytelling Animal; “We are, as a species, addicted to story”.

Go make yours’ heard.

Jon Cooper works as a Customer Success Manager at Smarp.

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

Jon Cooper
November 10, 2016