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Dec 14, 2017

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Where to Get Started with Internal Communication Goals

What are the things for consider for setting internal communication goals? Measure, embed them into the overall strategy and invest in technology.

What are the things for consider for setting internal communication goals? Measure, embed them into the overall strategy and invest in technology.

Internal communication is crucial for any company. Methods of internal communication have also changed and become more digital in nature. This provides endless possibilities for companies. Yet internal communication strategies need to be specific in order to work.

What should you focus on, when considering your internal communication goals?

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Make them Measurable

Make sure you set goals you can realistically measure and adjust. Ask yourself: can we accurately achieve these goals? For the goals to be realized, you need to have a plan and resources to measure, adjust and repeat.

Measuring goals has to be more than an annual thing – it is a constant process.

Align them with other goals

Before deciding on your internal communication goals, there needs to be a bigger roadmap in place. It’s important to make the goals matter in the long run and work towards goals that can impact the bottom line.

Employee engagement and building a culture of open communication are among the most important goals, reveals a study by Newsweaver. But all goals ultimately should ultimately be relevant to the organization’s overall mission and values.

Internal communication on the go

Communicate to employees

Communicating to employees is essential to internal communication (probably doesn’t come as a surprise). As you establish a strategy for your internal communication, be sure to establish a plan for communicating this plan, at least its most important parts, to employees and let them know their role in it.

When employees know how they can contribute to overall goals and their place in the company, they can find meaning in their work and be more productive. Employees should also know why it’s worth investing in internal communication – why it’s good for them when everyone contributes.

Invest in the right technology

By using the right technology, you can make internal communication a lot easier – and more effective. With built-in analytics, you can support your internal communication strategy by making informed decisions, and you can reach your employees effectively.

Reaching employees and providing content are among the most important aspects of internal communication. A tool like Smarp supports features to help reaching employees working on the go and outside access to company email or intranets. It also relies on content – curating, targeting and discussing content and most importantly, measuring its performance.

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Annika Rautakoura

Annika Rautakoura

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