What’s in Store for Employee Advocacy in 2015?

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Last updated: October 14, 2016

2014 was great for Smarp and 2015 will be even better! The Google Trends graph below shows the growth of the Employee Advocacy search term. Our educated and maybe a little biased guess is that this number will only continue to grow in 2015.

google trends-employee advocacy

Social Media Signals Predict Strong Growth for Employee Advocacy

The predictions from social media prophets support that 2015 will see the rise of employee advocacy. Jayson DeMers predicts in his Forbes column “The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015” that Facebook ad prices and demand will increase significantly, as Facebook continues to limit organic reach (post visibility for page fans). The fact that social media is limiting the organic reach of fan pages forces companies to adjust their social media strategies and seek new ways to communicate with their customers. Time will show what will happen, but the signs are that there is increasing demand for authenticity. It would be great news for Employee Advocacy if marketers en masse realized that there is a better alternative to paid ads to expand the reach and reliability of social media efforts.

Another interesting prediction from Employee Advocacy’s perspective is the synchronization of content marketing and social media. DeMers believes social media marketing will become a core pillar of content marketing in 2015 as marketers finally realize that content strategy is all about publication and distribution. According to him Social Media is the most powerful distribution method of expanding reach and visibility.

In line with this, Roger Katz, CEO and founder of Friend2Friend, advices b2b marketers to be smart about the content on his column “Top 5 Marketing Trends to watch in 2015” on clickz.com. By this he means that marketers should pay attention to the ways how they leverage and repurpose their content, in order to maximize its influence. After all, producing quality content often takes a fair amount of resources. That being said, employee advocacy programs certainly provide the right tools to multiply content reach and visibility. (See the Employee Advocacy Math –infographic to get a quick idea.)

Finally, for their “Some Markkinoinnin trendit 2015” (eng. Social Media Marketing Trends 2015) review, Kurio Digital Marketing Think Thank interviewed 27 digital marketing experts. According to the report, employee advocacy will be the term of 2015, predicting content marketing soon belongs to everybody!

The stars sure seem aligned for employee advocacy and we cannot wait what year 2015 has in store for us and employee advocacy in general.

Markus Linden
December 19, 2014