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Apr 20, 2017

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What Social Recruiting Is (and Is Not)

Despite the prevalence of social media and its potential for recruiting and marketing, social recruiting has not been embraced by all recruiters.

Despite the prevalence of social media and its potential for recruiting and marketing, social recruiting has not been embraced by all recruiters.

The potential is there. 76% of Facebook and Twitter users log into the social networks daily. The largest professional network LinkedIn has up to 467 million users. Every channel has its own perks for recruiters to consider.

When it comes to social recruiting, the fact remains that there are some misconceptions surrounding what it is and they ways to get it done. Let’s go through some basic facts.

Social recruiting is about

Using Technology for Improved Recruiting

Using technology and social media to support recruiting should make it effective for the recruiter to hire new people, while making it pleasant for the candidate. Using technology or features sloppily will reflect badly on the brand, and not familiarizing oneself with the relevant features of each platform will make the recruiting process more difficult than it needs to be.

“The first measure of any technology initiative should be whether it improves the candidate experience of applying to a company,” says social recruiting expert Greg Savage. While technology is certainly there to facilitate talent hunting and supporting recruitment processes, it’s also there to make it more pleasant for the candidate.

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Being smart

It’s worth remembering that the same rules apply online as offline, and operating in a social media environment does not give the recruiter any liberties in recruiting they would not take when using traditional means. Despite the blurred lines between personal and professional on social media, the social recruiting process should always be kept professional.

Channel specifics also matter. Facebook and LinkedIn may require a different touch. There are also other channels that can work well for niche industries. For example, Pinterest can work for creative fields. But the basic principle remains the same: be smart.

Social recruiting is not about

Just posting job ads online

It’s so much more than that. Social recruiting is employer branding and content marketing combined. It’s about:

  • discussion, interaction and engagement
  • social listening and finding out silent information
  • providing helpful content and running campaigns
  • creating a positive image through your employees
  • referral recruiting, to name a few.

Providing quality content and including employees into spreading positive word of mouth are among key aspects of attracting top talent on social media.

Replacing traditional means of recruitment

Not all recruitment steps can or should take place on social. Social recruiting does not replace face-to-face and humanized communication. And the steps that do take place on social should maintain a human touch; “Building real relationships with people is a big part of any social recruiting strategy’s success,” says Meghan M. Biro. This calls for consistently posting value-laden content and interacting with candidates.

Face-to-face interviews remain by far the most popular and effective form of assessment, despite the benefits that technology has to offer. Individual interviews allow you to build a relationship and assess the candidates’ personal traits more accurately and without distractions.

What is Social Recruiting about?

These are just some of the important aspects of social recruiting to consider. The targets and processes of social recruiting are up to every organization to decide, but be sure to familiarize yourself with the benefits involved.

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Annika Rautakoura

Annika Rautakoura

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