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May 25, 2017

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What is Good Employer Branding Content Made Of?

Content that successfully portrays the employer brand can boost your image as an employer and business.

Content that successfully portrays the employer brand can boost your image as an employer and business.

According to Global Recruiting Trends 2017, 70% of recruiting budgets go to job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies, but talent leaders consider employer branding to be the number one area where they wish to allocate more resources.

Employer branding is a key component of boosting visibility, building up an online brand, and attracting top players, and content is an essential part of this. “Without great content, it’s harder for candidates to really select in or out of your hiring process,” says CEO of Proactive Talent Will Stanley. “It’s harder to attract top talent in your company, and engage your current workforce. Without content, you can’t tell your story.”

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What are the main factors to consider, when it comes to employer branding content?

It truthfully showcases the brand as an employer

For job seekers to get an image of what your company is like as an employer, they must have access to material that accurately displays this. And who can better spread the image of their employer than your employees? Give them quality content to share to their networks that highlight your company culture through first-hand experience. You might even consider setting up a separate careers blog.

It presents the company’s successes clearly

Content that highlights what the company does on a practical level is great for creating a connection between prospective applicants and the brand. Whether it is photos from a company event or a blog post that presents the company’s social achievements, readers should get closer to experiencing the company for themselves.. Videos and case studies that highlight the customer viewpoint make for trustworthy material.

Product oriented content

It targets your ideal candidates

Your employer branding content should speak to the people you are trying to attract, while maintaining consistency on all the platforms you use. Empathy maps are a great way to pin down your ideal candidate and what they stand for. If you target these candidates from the start, you can spend less time screening job seekers, as your content will speak to those you wish to attract in the first place.

Invest in your content

Educational and well-targeted employer branding content allows you to spend more time answering practical questions than looking for prospective applicants. Take these tips and think about how you could make your content more appealing to your prospective candidates. Start by making sure that your employees have easy access to the content and they are motivated to share it.

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Annika Rautakoura

Annika Rautakoura

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