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Apr 28, 2017

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Using Influencer Marketing to Humanize Your Brand

Even with technological change taking place, purchases still take place through human-to-human interaction.

Even with technological change taking place, purchases still take place through human-to-human interaction.

Companies are investing more resources into influencer marketing, an approach that leverages the power of persuasion and influence for branding purposes. It does more than increase reach. Influencer marketing can improve your SEO ranking, help attract a dedicated group of followers and create new business through social.

What are the ways in which influencer marketing can help companies brand themselves and boost business?

It allows for a company message to spread organically

Targeting comes easily with influencer marketing. It’s about trusting influencers to build up stories about your brand in a way that engages their audiences. “The goal is to increase your brand recognition while making your influencers (and their audience) feel special,” says Bryan Kramer. Maintaining a healthy relationship, community building and dropping micromanaging are some of the ways to leverage the influencer’s reach and staying on message, according to Kramer.

If your prospects can see your brand name being uttered by a familiar face, they won’t see it as promotion, but rather natural spreading of messages.

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It’s about having the right people speak on your behalf

Whether they’re existing customers already passionate about your brand, journalists and bloggers or keynote speakers who cover news about your industry, influencers should drive engagement on their channels. Follower numbers only matter so much if audiences don’t actually read or share the content posted.

We recommend starting with your own employees. Your staff knows your brand inside out and each employee has their own networks with people who trust them and engage with their content. An employee communication app like Smarp helps you identify employees with the most engaged networks and eminence, i.e. those who have significant potential for driving positive word of mouth online.

It helps build lasting relationships

If your advocates or influencers can highlight your brand in real terms and truthful success stories, you can attract prospects that are motivated with your product from the start. When audiences get an accurate picture of how your product works in practice and what problems they can solve with them, they are more likely to seek you out with a purchase in mind.

Encouraging user-generated content can be a powerful tool to allow consumers and employees to spread the word on your behalf; it can be as easy as using shared hashtags or online campaigns.

How Influencer Marketing Is Huminzing Your Brand

How to get started?

Start by nailing down what the key values are, which you want to convey about your product to others. Then figure out how you can get influencers speaking on your behalf and engage your employees into sharing an insider’s glimpse into your brand online.

Wish to find out more about turning your employees into influencers and brand advocates? Download our definitive guide on Employee Advocacy.

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

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Annika Rautakoura

Annika Rautakoura

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