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Building Personal Brands in the Age of Disruption – Interview with Tanvi Gautam

August 15, 2017 / by Valène Jouany

Our personal brand impacts the way we are perceived in the workplace, the interactions we have with experts, and our career development. The question is not whether we should have a personal brand anymore but how we should cultivate it.


Experts' Advice for Employees' Personal Branding

August 10, 2017 / by Valène Jouany

Experts advise companies to take an active role in employee development: helping employees build their personal brand can result in increased exposure and positive word of mouth, not to mention happier and more engaged employees.


3 Reasons to Support Your Employees' Personal Branding

July 27, 2017 / by Nicki Escudero

Encouraging and supporting your employees' personal branding has numerous benefits for the business and individuals alike. 


8 Tips to Help You Improve Your Business Writing

June 06, 2017 / by Mary Walton

Business writing is a critical component of communicating professionally and building up a personal brand.


How to Find Relevant Industry Content to Boost a Personal Brand

May 09, 2017 / by Nicki Escudero

If you want to become a credible leader in your industry and poise yourself for meaningful career growth, gaining and sharing expertise related to your field is crucial.


How to Grow Your Personal Brand Through Content

April 25, 2017 / by Britt Skrabanek

How can you boost or create your personal brand online? Content is the key.


3 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand

March 30, 2017 / by Nicki Escudero

 Personal branding is a process of many steps. Here are some practical tips to make your personal brand your own.


3 Ways to Build a Relevant Network on Social Media

January 31, 2017 / by Brittany Berger

Networking on social media matters – but networks are only valuable if they’re relevant.


Tips For Combining Personal & Professional on Social Media

January 19, 2017 / by Orsolya Harkai

Social networking is a significant part of our daily lives. You should decide how to best use social media for personal and professional purposes.


Building Personal Brands through Employee Advocacy

January 13, 2017 / by Annika Rautakoura

Personal branding is more important than ever, with social media spreading information like wildfire and recruiters resorting to social media channels to find candidates.