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Oct 10, 2019

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Top Internal Communications Events to Attend in 2020

Are you an HR, Internal Communications or Change Management practitioner looking for great internal comms events to attend in 2020? Don’t worry,...


Are you an HR, Internal Communications or Change Management practitioner looking for great internal comms events to attend in 2020? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Communication in the workplace is changing at a fast pace. Building a robust and measurable internal communications strategy is a real challenge.

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Think about it: internal communications practitioners need to adapt the channels they use for their communications to the employees’ habits and behaviors.

They have to find ways to connect and engage with the employees, whether they’re office-based or remote.

They also need to find ways to prove the ROI of their employee communications strategy.

That’s pretty tough, isn’t it?

Internal Communication Practitioners' Top Priorities


One of the best ways to get ideas and identify the tools that will help you overcome the challenges you’re facing now is to meet with other internal communications practitioners.

There are plenty of conferences, keynotes and summits happening in the world to discuss internal communications trends and best practices, and it can be difficult to identify which one(s) will help you find the solutions you need to improve your internal communications.

internal communication events you can't miss in 2020

To help you with that, we’ve compiled in this blog post top communications conferences and summits that will help you take your internal communications to the next level.

Just on a side note, the conferences and summits are not listed in order of preference, but in chronological order so you can easily pick the ones you're most interested in and add them to your calendar!

Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 🎯

1. The 7th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

One of the biggest internal communications conferences happening in January next year is the 7th annual strategic internal communications conference organized by the Advanced Learning Institute.

best internal communications events to attend in 2020During this two-day conference, internal communications experts from different industries will meet and share best practices for driving employee engagement, foster collaboration, and improve employee productivity in the workplace.

The Advanced Learning Institute will host a pre-conference workshop where you can pair up with other internal communications experts, discuss the challenges you’re facing, and come up with solutions together.

This pre-conference workshop is also a great way to network prior to the two-day conference!

Speakers include well-recognized internal comms experts such as:

  • Allison Jackson, Director of Communications at KPMG
  • Karen Pugh, Communications Manager at San Mateo Medical Center
  • Beth Ward Francesconi, Senior Director, Internal Communications at Levi Strauss & Co
  • Cindy Crescenzo, President at Crescenzo Communications
  • Victoria Dew, Founder at DewPoint Communications.

In total, more than 20 sessions including presentations, interactive sessions, and case studies will be held during this two-day conference.

Below are examples of topics that will be covered in these sessions:

  • Building a communication strategy to unite a distributed workforce
  • Using technology to fuel growth, innovation, and employee engagement in the workplace
  • Empower your people with mobile-first technology
  • Creative communications strategies to reach your deskless workforce
  • Internal communication and the employee experience: connecting communications to the employee lifecycle
  • Empower employees by aligning HR & Internal Communications

Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

San Francisco, USA

When? 🗓️

Tuesday, January 28 - Thursday, January 30, 2020

  • Pre-Conference Workshop Day: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
  • Two-Day Conference: Wednesday, January 29 – Thursday, January 30, 2020

🔔Find out more about the conference and the agenda here.

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2. What Employees Want

Most internal communication summits and conferences bring together HR and IC practitioners to dig into key learnings and best practices.

Audacity, a consulting firm focused on employee engagement, internal communications and change management founded by Jason Anthoine offers a new approach to internal comms.

top internal communications conferences During the learning session “What Employees Want”, 150 to 200 HR and IC practitioners will listen to and learn from employees from various industries.

During this learning session, employees will explain what they expect from their employers in terms of internal communications and employee experience, and they will explain the challenges and frustrations they’re facing when it comes to employee communications.

Panels will be made of employees who have worked for at least four different companies and they will represent the diverse roles found in most organizations — wired/non-wired, salaried/hourly, white collar/blue collar, HQ/regional/local — as well as the rich diversity of the modern workforce itself.

Some of the topics covered during this learning session include:

  • My first 90 days at the company
  • What I do (and don’t) want to hear from leadership
  • That would have been nice to know
  • Wish they had asked me first
  • Put the "human” back in human resources

Are you interested in understanding what employees expect from IC and HR? Save the date! It will also be a great opportunity to network with IC experts from different industries!

Where is the learning session happening? 🛩️

Atlanta, USA

When? 🗓️

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

🔔Find out more about the event and save your seat here.

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3. The Internal Communications Conference

When it comes to internal communications, one of the main challenges that practitioners are facing today is measuring the success of their internal communications, so they know how their IC strategies impact their business’s growth.

the internal communications conference in ManchesterIn January 2020, 32 in-house speakers will gather in Manchester and share their best practices for delivering measurable impact on the bottom-line with data-driven internal communications.

Topics that will be covered in the 2020 Internal Communications Conference include some of the following ones:

  • How to measure engagement?
  • How to demonstrate the ROI of your internal communications strategy?
  • Tips to improve employee engagement
  • The power of internal communications to create a culture of continuous change and agile working
  • Best practices for keeping your internal communications strategy on the cutting edge
  • How to drive corporate change through impactful communications from senior leaders
  • Developing an effective crisis communications strategy
  • Developing the content and channel mix that best fits your organization

Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

The Midland Hotel, Manchester, UK

When? 🗓️

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

🔔 Learn more about the conference here

4. The Corporate Communications Conference

The 5th Annual Corporate Communications Conference will gather 33 market-leading and senior-level speakers in London where they will be sharing their best practices for driving powerful and engaging corporate communications.

learn more about internal communication and employee engagementThe 9 advanced topics listed below will be covered during this conference:

  • Innovative, insight-led, influential social media
  • Proactively prepare for crisis & safeguard corporate reputation
  • Prove the value & ROI of corporate comms strategies
  • Horizon scan for future trends & innovations
  • Cutting through the noise with stand-out content
  • Change Management: communicating confidently through uncertainty
  • Optimizing internal cultures & engaging will all employees
  • Platform strategies to revitalize your comms mix
  • IC budget constraints

What’s more, the corporate communicators confirmed to speak at the conference include:

  • Tim Rutter, Head of Internal Communications, UK at TATA Steel
  • Lauren Carter, Head of Internal Communications, UK & Europe at Atkins
  • Paul Wheeler, Director of Corporate Communications at Kellogg Company
  • Sian Jones, Head of Internal Communications at Bank of England
  • Vanessa Unwin, Global Head of Internal Communications at Hitachi
  • Charlotte West, Executive Director Global Corporate Communications at Lenovo
  • Federica Tribuani, Director, Innovation Communications & Campaigns at Barclays

Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

Hallam Conference Center, London, UK

When? 🗓️

Thursday, February 6, 2020

🔔Learn more about the conference here

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5. Digital Workplace Conference

Engage Employee is hosting the Digital Workplace Conference in March 2020 where more than 300 HR and Internal Communications Directors, Managers and Consultants will discuss why building a digital workplace is the key to driving employee engagement.

internal communication and employee engagement in the workplaceOrganizational structures are getting complex and ensuring that all employees are connected, keep up with the company news, and collaborate with their colleagues in an effective way is challenging.

The key topics to be discussed at the conference include:

  • Employee communication, collaboration and value creation
  • Designing employee experiences in the digital workplace
  • Digital workplace applications, solutions and innovations
  • The impact on employee and customer engagement
  • The evolution of new technologies including AI

Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

Victoria Park Plaza, London, UK

When? 🗓️

Thursday, March 12, 2020

🔔Find out more about the learning session here.

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6. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

Gartner is one of the world’s leading research and advisory company. They organize summits and conferences every year where Management, HR and Communication practitioners are invited to discuss the latest workplace trends and the results highlighted in Gartner’s research reports as well.

gartner-digital-workplace-summitDuring the 2020 Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, you’ll be given the opportunity to network with more than 600 digital workplace leaders and learn from more than 50 research-driven sessions.

What’s more, digital workplace leaders will share their best practices for improving collaboration in the workplace and empowering employees through technology and efficient communications.

Gartner digital workplace summit at a glanceThe topics covered in the 2020 Gartner Digital Workplace Summit include:

  • Future of work
  • Employee experience
  • Employee communications
  • Growing digital dexterity
  • Digital business transformation
  • Employee engagement
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital workplace program

Where is the summit happening? 🛩️

Phoenix, AZ

When? 🗓️

Monday, March 16 - Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Learn more about the summit here

7. The 8th Annual Internal Communications Conference 2020

What does it take to build an effective internal communications strategy? How to ensure that the employee communications strategy you’ve crafted drives employee engagement? How to tackle silos? How to drive innovation? What are the best tools to measure internal communications?

All these questions will be answered during the 8th Annual Internal Communications Conference.

improving internal communications and employee experience More precisely, the topics that will be covered during this conference include:

  • Unlocking the key to powerful communications strategy
  • Role of internal comms in building a sustainable business
  • Measurement and its links with major business drivers
  • Inspiring innovation and engagement
  • Communicating to an offline global audience
  • Managing organization & cultural change

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Katharina Auer, Former Head of Internal Communications & Engagement at ABB
  • Julia Sloan, Head of Communications & Engagement at EY UK & Ireland
  • Viktoria Tegard, Head of Global Internal Communications at GSK
  • Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Engagement & Communications at One Housing
  • Sanjoy Mukherjee-Richardson, Former Head of Employee Communications at Coca-Cola European Partners
  • Emily Kirwan, Head of IC & Engagement at BBC News

Take a look at the 7th annual internal communications conference highlights to know what to expect from next year’s internal communications conference:


Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

Le Méridien Piccadilly, London, UK

When? 🗓️

Thursday, March 26 - Friday, 27, 2020

🔔 Learn more about the conference here.

8. 4th Annual Digital Workplace Summit: Engagement Strategies for Employee Communications

Another event organized by the Advanced Learning Institute that you can’t miss in 2020 is the Annual Digital Workplace Summit.

The 2020 summit will be focusing on how to connect employees, drive employee engagement, and improve workplace productivity by using mobile-first communication solutions, engaging content such as videos, and digital signage.

digital workplace summit and internal communication in the workplaceDuring this three-day summit, you’ll have the opportunity to attend interactive workshops, conferences and case studies to learn more about employee communications and engagement in the workplace.

Wondering what to expect from the summit?

Check out below examples of the sessions that will be held during this three-day summit:

  • Creating an internal communications strategy that supports the needs of your employees
  • How to communicate and share great stories in a digital age
  • Deep dive into a few top internal communication tools available
  • How to communicate with a multi-generational, dispersed and remote workforce
  • Improving governance to facilitate better communications across your organization
  • Optimizing workplace communications using digital signage
  • Using data to make informed decisions on the future of your internal communications strategy
  • Creating a constant stream of important and engaging content
  • Building trust and connections through internal communications

Where is the summit happening? 🛩️

Las Vegas, USA

When? 🗓️

Tuesday, March 31 - Thursday, April 2, 2020

🔔Learn more about the summit and the agenda here.

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9. Employee Engagement Summit

Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged in their work. Low employee engagement in the workplace is connected with low employee productivity, high turnover and low profitability.

Engage Employee gathers HR, Management and Communication practitioners from different industries to discuss the reasons why employee engagement rates are low in most businesses and the strategies — including internal communications strategies — that can improve employee experience and engagement overall.

internal communication and employee engagement summit

During this summit, you’ll meet and network with more than 700 delegates and 70+ speakers that will share their best practices and use cases.

If you’re still wondering whether you want to attend this summit or not, check below examples of topics that will be covered in keynotes and focus group sessions:

  • Employee and customer engagement, links to performance and profitability
  • Reward, recognition and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Internal communications and voice of the employee
  • Future of workplace/digital workplace
  • Learning and development in the workplace
  • Employee engagement strategy and leadership
  • Evolution of workforce
  • Transformation and change management

You can also check out highlights from this year’s employee engagement summit so you know what to expect from the next one:


Where is the summit happening? 🛩️

Riverbank Park Plaza, London, UK

When? 🗓️

Friday, May 15, 2020

Learn more about the summit and the agenda here

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10. Unleashing Innovation in Internal Digital Communications Summit

Global Executive Events will be hosting a summit in May 2020 where more than 100 cross-industry leaders will discuss innovative approaches to internal communications.

How to build a skyrocketing internal communication strategy?The 2020 summit themes include:

  • The power of communication: embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • How to engage a large of number of employees in global companies
  • How to ensure everyone is engaged when considering diverse cultures, backgrounds, age groups and interests
  • The importance of mixing up the communications methods in engagement
  • How to ensure everyone is engaged when considering diverse cultures, backgrounds, age groups and interests
  • Decoding best practices in employee communications
  • Communicating outside-in: using an app to end the difference between internal and external communications

Where is the summit happening? 🛩️

Rode Hoed, Amsterdam

When? 🗓️

Tuesday, May 19 - Wednesday, May 20, 2020

🔔 Learn more about the summit here

11. IABC World Conference

The IABC World Conference — or International Association of Business Communicators World Conference — is a long-standing, global professional development event designed for communications experts.

top internal communication conferences to attend in Chicago

The conference theme for 2020 is Shift #AreYouReady. Around 1,000 participants will gather and discuss the communications challenges they’re facing at their companies.

Attendees will also discuss the importance of shifting their mindset to deliver the best communications strategies in today’s ever-changing workplace.

To give you an idea of what to expect from this conference, below are key facts and figures from this year’s conference that took place in Vancouver:

  • More than 1,300 communication professionals attended the conference
  • Nearly 40 countries were represented among attendees
  • Most attendees reported working for organizations with 1,000 or more employees
  • About half of the attendees reported having responsibility for a budget of US$100,000 or more
  • Corporate communication was cited as the primary function for most attendees, followed by employee communication and marketing communication.

Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

Hyatt Regency, Chicago, USA

When? 🗓️

Sunday, June 14 - Wednesday, June 17, 2020

🔔Find out more about the conference here.

12. 2nd Annual Strategic Internal Communication Conference (Bonus)

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of top internal communications events to attend in 2020.

There’s another IC event happening next month you can’t miss so we’ve added it to the list as a bonus. That way, you won’t have to wait until next year to network with great IC experts!

So, what is this bonus event? 🥁

Inner Strength Communication and SummersDirect Conference & Events are organizing the 2nd Annual Strategic Internal Communication Conference where IC professionals from across Canada will meet and share their best practices.

the strategic internal communication conference in Toronto For two days, IC practitioners will be invited to join keynotes, panel discussions and presentations where experts from different industries will share their tips on how to build a successful internal communications strategy.

We’ve listed below topics that will be covered during this two-day conference:

  • How an organization should define its ethical values
  • Engaging internal audiences in a brand transformation
  • How an organization should communicate its ethical values
  • Incorporating leading edge technologies to help you tell your story
  • Engaging employees as essential partners in success
  • How an organization can integrate its ethical values into everyday operations
  • Set the right KPIs to prove your HR and comms ROI
  • Transform your front-line operations by improving your intranet
  • The connection between storytelling and employer brand
  • Transforming internal communications for a changing audience
  • Cultivating a transformation-ready workplace culture
  • Crushing corporate video content

You’ll also get the opportunity to join the post-conference workshop to continue the engaging discussions you’ve started at the conference.

Two workshops will be organized: “Become the strategic internal communication advisor organizations need and value” and “What the C-suite wants from internal comms: reduce noise, demonstrate impact”.

That way, you’ll have all the information and tips you need to skyrocket your internal communication and get top management’s buy-in!

Where is the conference happening? 🛩️

Toronto, Canada

When? 🗓️

Monday, November 25 - Wednesday, November 27, 2019

  • Two-Day Conference: Monday, November 25 – Tuesday, November 26
  • Post-Conference Workshop: Wednesday, November 27

🔔Find out more about the conference and the agenda here

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