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Jul 13, 2017

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Three Reasons Why You Need a Digital Internal Communication Strategy

Companies should leverage the opportunities of the digital age, when it comes to internal communication and engaging employees.

Companies should leverage the opportunities of the digital age, when it comes to internal communication and engaging employees.

The digitalization of working methods and environments is changing communication and our daily lives in both a professional and personal way. Digital will shape how companies talk both to and with employees.

When it comes to the workplace and human-to-human communication, internal communication is “at the intersection of both”. Technology can bring these two together – and enable the organization and its individuals to thrive.

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Why is it important that organizations will adapt their internal communication strategies to match digital needs?

#1 Access to online content

Content is the pillarstone of an internal communication strategy. Intranets are often criticised, yet “it’s almost always the content rather than the channel that leads to a successful digital internal comms strategy.”

Content should be made easily accessible online, and employees should be able to discuss and internally share content. Employee-generated content is an effective way to integrate and engage employees into the company mission and strategy.

#2 Mobile and social media

Mobile use is on the rise, and with everyone pretty much attached to their smartphone, it’s an effective way to reach employees with news and content. Smaller companies, in particular, lead the way in utilizing mobile for internal communication.

Social media, while traditionally affiliated with external communication, can be utilized for your internal communication purposes as well. Tools like Smarp combine the possibility of finding and discussing content internally, as well as sharing it to their social media networks. 

#3 Measuring

Digitalization poses great possibilities for extracting and using meaningful data, meaning that with analytics built into many communication tools, internal communication teams can measure and adjust their internal communication strategies like never before.

Despite the importance and potential of measuring internal communication, measuring often falls short in terms of planning and implementation. A lack of resources or inadequate analytics and reporting tools may be among the reasons for not measuring internal communication enough. Allocating resources and setting KPIs are the key to measuring and adjusting an internal communication strategy, if needed.

Invest in a digital internal communication strategy

Social technology can improve the productivity of knowledge workers by up to 20 to 25 per cent. Make sure you’re investing in tools that enable your employees to excel, and the best possible communication flow in your company.

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