The Beautiful Mind of an Employee Advocate

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Last updated: October 28, 2016

The customer is the king, serve him well. Understanding and listening to your customers is or at least should be one of the integral functions for businesses. It is vital to know what you look like through your customers’ eyes. We asked our customers how they experience using Smarp and how they feel about advocating for the brands they represent. The truth is out there, go figure it out!

Here's who we talked to

Altogether 466 respondents took part in the survey. Both genders were equally represented, of the respondents 47% were female and 53% male. They represent typical workforce as 90% were aged between 26 and 55, while majority of them (42.4%) work in companies employing more than 10 000 employees. 


What did they say

The results indicate that Smarp users are active and committed to Employee Advocacy. Over 80% of the respondents use Smarp weekly or more often and 82% reported they are happy to represent their employer on social media by using Smarp.

Our customers are seemingly independent and they have the know-how to use the platform. The majority of the respondents claim that they are not susceptible to social influence. Only 21% express that group affiliation and colleagues’ use of the service has an effect on their own use meaning that this vast majority uses Smarp because they chose to do so. 77% have the resources and 83% the knowledge necessary to use Smarp.

Overall, the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied using Smarp and perceive it user-friendly:

  • 81% agree or totally agree with the statement Smarp is user-friendly
  • 89% say Smarp is easy to learn to use
  • 87% It is easy to understand how to use Smarp
  • 80% It is easy to make use of Smarp 

Above all, we are extremely happy to find out that people intend to continue using Smarp in the future and that more than half perceive that Smarp has helped them to advance professionally! Also, it is not that common that the usage of business tools is experienced groovy. Therefore, we are extremely honoured that more than 60% of the respondents find using Smarp fun :)


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Markus Linden
February 04, 2016