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Sep 19, 2017

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The Education-Based Content Marketing Guide

Delivering educational and entertaining content to your audience can help establish the brand online and powerfully attract new business.

Delivering educational and entertaining content to your audience can help establish the brand online and powerfully attract new business.

According to the Webopedia, infotainment is for a media device or service that delivers a combination of information and entertainment. “The content delivered via infotainment is designed to be informative yet entertaining enough to attract and maintain the consumer's interest.”

It is widely used by many different companies that strive to solidify their online presence and build a strong brand awareness. These companies both educate and entertain, which is a powerful combination bringing in a tremendous number of leads and paying customers.

Besides, such content gets more shares, as according to the LinkedIn, people usually share content to entertain rather than educate others.

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There are many different tactics for education-based content marketing that are used by the top-notch marketers. And in this article, we will talk about the most effective ones, including instructional videos, infographics, seminars and how-to articles.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Instructional videos

Such videos explain step by step how a product or a service works in a nice and concise manner. They contain great visual aids and make the viewers want to watch it. In fact, 72% of companies state that creating instructional product videos helped them increase their conversion rates, mentions Wyzowl.

People tend to comprehend visual content much more easily than words. So, chances that they will watch the whole video are higher than that they will read a full article or a guide. Besides, it is easier to improve your SEO by adding a video to the page.

Among other advantages of having instructional videos is the fact that they are easy to share and tend to both entertain and educate people.

When writing the script for such videos make sure to keep the information short and to the point. Even though watching is easier than reading, your audience does not have all the time in the world to watch long videos.

2. Infographics

This is a perfect way to deliver your ideas in a fun and informative manner. Besides, infographics allow you to add your own personality to the content.

These tools work across different platforms, so you could even say that they are universal. No matter you write about, a market analysis or a simple book report, there is always room for creativity.

And also, if you do not have a designer on staff, you can use online services that allow you to create infographics. Among such services are Canva, Piktochart, Visme, Easel, and, states the Huffington Post.

Creating infographics

3. How-to articles

One of the main reasons why people go online is to search for answers and solutions. That is why you can generate tons of traffic by creating good how-to articles in your blog.

If you find how-to articles dull, then you have not read really good ones written in the “infotainment” tradition. Besides, if you know how to ask questions correctly, you can easily increase the engagement on your website by raising the right issues and asking the right questions.

The only thing to mention here is that you should use long-tail keywords in such articles for better and more qualified engagement. According to HubSpot, at least a half of all online searches are four words or longer.

How-to articles work as long as they provide valuable information, are free, offer complete guides to different things, are easy to understand, or explain how to do something yourself.

4. Online seminars

This type of education-based content is not easy, but it is incredibly effective. It is your chance to build real connections with your potential leads and gain their trust. Web seminars, also known as “webinars”, are also very popular and effective because one can watch them from any place in the world and thus, expand your influence and increase your audience.

You can offer different seminars in an attempt to grow your email list or strengthen your image as an expert in the field. Moreover, it is a great chance to make more sales and build strong connections.

Writing a script, doing research, creating specific presentations, and promoting an upcoming event can be a rather tedious work, but it is absolutely worth it, as those who attend such events view the brand differently.

And even though, these are the major infotainment methods, they are not the only ones out there.

Participate on online seminars

Additional tips on building your brand awareness

1. Creating a heartwarming story of why you are in this business.

Your mission statement should be on the display on your website so that users know what your motives in this business are and how you came to a decision of starting this business after all.

But keep it compact, as this way readers are more likely to remember it and associate with you.

2. Writing great newsletters to keep in touch with your readers.

Offer your website visitors a chance to get real value in your newsletters. This way you will constantly remind them about your product or services. Be the first to share the latest trends and developments of your niche with them and make sure that they hear the news from you first.

3. Having a professional blog.

Forbes states that “One way to help your target market know, like and trust you is to write a blog that informs, entertains and educates. The key to a successful blog is consistency.”

4. Creating podcasts.

Podcasts are another effective content marketing method, as they educate people. But depending on your style and voice, you can also do it in a fun and entertaining manner.

According to Inc, “A recent survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% of people bought something a host had promoted on their show. When asked if advertising within podcasts had affected their behavior, 71 percent said they'd visited a sponsor's website, while 62 percent said they'd considered that new product or service.”

5. Being present on social media.

Just being registered on the social media does not mean being present there. You need to start and join discussions and initiate communication with your target audience. Social media marketing is a huge chunk of work, but without it, your business is very much likely to fail.

Just to give you a hint on how important it is, we will paraphrase the Relevance that says that a user can join up to 6000 Facebook communities. And having a community is a fantastic opportunity to have all highly-qualified prospects in one place and communicate with them in a fun and educational manner.

Education-based content can be your source of new lead generation. However, you need to take all the right steps to make it work for you. With our tips, you are halfway there. So, start implementing them to get to the destination point.

Lori Wade is a content writer and a career specialist for college students. She is a content marketer who shares experiences on writing, education, and self-development, for example on Elite Essay Writers. Connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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Written by

Lori Wade

Lori Wade

Lori Wade is a content writer and career specialist for college students. She is a content marketer who shares experiences with writing, education, and self-development.


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