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Oct 06, 2017

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Storytelling Best Practices

Stories are what people can connect with and share with each other. They present a way to reflect the human aspect of your brand.

Stories are what people can connect with and share with each other. They present a way to reflect the human aspect of your brand.

Telling stories is crucial for building a connection with your audience, aligning everyone with the company mission, and attracting new employees to the organization. Storytelling is also good for business – emotional engagement is imperative for driving winning results. We live in an age where you need to connect with your prospects and audiences. Whether you wish to engage employees internally through storytelling or tie your target audience more closely with your goals, stories are a way to get there.

What are some areas of focus to consider?

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Use Stories that Best Reflect Your Overall Strategy

While everyone loves a good story, there should be a purpose behind the stories you share about the brand. Define the narrative through an understanding of what your company stands for and keep it consistent along the way. When you do this successfully, your audience will be able to distinguish your story from other stories. 

Use storytelling in content marketing

Keep Working With Your Best Ideas

When the storytelling practices you have applied appear to be working, keep to it. “Create a series of stories that will make your ideal audience want to keep coming back to continue the narrative,” is Sujan Patel’s advice for such a situation. Whether it is blog posts, videos or updates, by leveraging your best-performing content you can gain new, interested followers, while keeping your current ones hooked and coming back for more.

Decide on the Best Channels to Use

Producing content is one thing, then comes the hard work. After conducting research on where your prospects spend their time online, you should spread your content accordingly. Social media channels are powerful for spreading messages quickly, but the results are only as good as targeting. Get acquainted with the possibilities of each channel and encourage your employees to spread content as well.

Don’t ignore the effect a good story can have. Whether you're leveraging storytelling for boosting sales on social media or looking to build a solid brand online, stories can have long-lasting impressions.

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