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May 14, 2019

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Spar Nord Generates 38K Unique Clicks on Social Media with Smarp

Banks need to step into the social media game to better engage with their clients, especially millennials, who are digital native. We had a chat with...

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Banks need to step into the social media game to better engage with their clients, especially millennials, who are digital native. We had a chat with Adam Lehn, Social Media Manager at Spar Nord, who explains how Smarp has helped the organization embrace social media.

The future of banking is digital: banks globally plan to invest US$9.7 billion to develop their digital banking capabilities. The shift towards digital and conversational banking is reshaping the way banks are connecting and engaging with their clients.

We’re living in a mobile-first world and people expect their bank to have online services and be able to interact with them directly on social media. Millennials often post online reviews on the services they receive from their bank and what’s more, people rely on these reviews when choosing a bank: 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from their peers above all other advertising.

In short, building a strong social media strategy is no longer an option — banks have to strengthen their digital presence to attract and retain clients!

Adam Lehn, Social Media Manager at Spar Nord, explains how his team has empowered employees on social media to make Spar Nord one of the leading personal banks in Denmark.

Spar Nord Embraces Social Media with Smarp

The communication team wanted to take Spar Nord’s social media strategy to the next level and to do so, they decided to rethink their content distribution strategy.

One of the team's main goals was to be able to reach the right target audience with the right content. They knew that posts from people are more trusted than content posted through brands’ social media channels and started to look into Smarp.

They were convinced that by posting Spar Nord-related content in their own words, employees would drive more engagement around the organization’s content. They were looking for a solution that would encourage employees to interact with and share Spar Nord content on social media. They also wanted to be able to track key KPIs such as shares, reactions, and website traffic so they could evaluate the effectiveness of their new content distribution strategy.

That’s how they decided to launch Smarp at Spar Nord.

The Launch of Smarp at Spar Nord

Employees were invited to attend demos and training sessions to get familiar with Smarp. During these training sessions, the communication team explained to the participants how to get the most out of Smarp and they also shared tips and best practices for building a personal brand on social media.

how-spar-nord-activates-employees-on-social-media-with-smarp-minTo make sure that each employee receives the right content at the right time, the communication team has decided to let employees customize their news feed. That way, employees are encouraged to engage with Spar Nord content without having to deal with information overload or irrelevant content. 

Rewarding Top Ambassadors

To encourage employees to share Spar Nord content with their networks, the communication team has launched a campaign called “brand ambassador of the month”. In short, the most active ambassadors are featured in a short video where they share personal branding tips that their colleagues can learn from. The campaign takes place on a monthly basis so everyone gets a chance to be featured in one of these videos!

Also, Spar Nord offers personalised perks to employees who put the most effort into building their online personal brand. These perks include concert tickets, movie tickets, or any event tickets based on employees’ hobbies.

Results Achieved with Smarp

From mid-April 2018 to mid-March 2019, employees have reached 3M people and generated 38K unique clicks and 15K reactions through their posts on social media.

Since the launch of Smarp, sales representatives have developed social selling skills: they now share educational materials with their prospects on a regular basis which makes it easier for them to start conversations with potential clients on social media.

 “Smarp makes it so easy for employees to discover and share interesting content that they are now keen to start discussions on social media and interact more often with their followings.”

- Adam Lehn, Social Media Manager 

Not only did Smarp support employees’ personal branding efforts, it has also helped the communication team rethink their content distribution strategy.

Encouraged by the results they achieved with Smarp, the team decided to change their content distribution overall by uploading Spar Nord content directly to Smarp and let employees share it through their personal social media accounts rather than sharing the content through the organization’s social media channels. That way they can build and grow the organization’s communities in an effective way.

Adam highlights that “we’ve delivered amazing results in terms of brand awareness, website traffic and engagement driven on social media since the launch of Smarp at Spar Nord. The success we are experiencing with Smarp is so great that today, we’re prioritizing Smarp over Spar Nord’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to distribute our content.”

Feeling inspired? Read the full story to find out how Spar Nord achieved these amazing results with Smarp!


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Valène Jouany

Valène Jouany

Content Marketing Manager

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