Social Media Starter Kit for Professionals

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Last updated: October 31, 2016

Companies can build up a terrific social media presence through their employees. In Employee Advocacy, branding on social media is made easy and effective.

Shaping your brand’s online reputation is a multi-layered process. It is  among other things  about having a simple and user-friendly website, a consistently used company blog, and relevant content for daily social media publishing. However, you must be aware of the fact that an e-reputation also depends a lot on how your employees act on social platforms.




In Employee Advocacy, all participants can build their online presence on social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In order to transform your staff into top players as brand ambassadors, they should be aware of some basic principles.

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Firstly, employees should be well aware of the benefits of social media for them. You should highlight the positive impacts on their personal brands, while building employer branding and at the same time. Also remember to highlight the importance of professional networking and how they can generate meaningful conversations about the business.

The 6B’s of social media to remember are:

1. Be Real
2. Be Responsible
3. Be Smart
4. Be Relevant
5. Be Interactive
6. Be Respectful

Download the full e-book to get practical guidelines and find out how to set up social profiles for professional purposes.

Social Media Starter Kit for Professionals | Smarp