SmarpShare Continues its "Glocal" Expansion with Xing Integration

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Last updated: October 14, 2016

Since the very beginning we at SmarpShare have acknowledged the importance of glocalization. In his blog post: Why you shouldn’t ignore non US social media platforms, our CEO, Roope Heinilä aptly notes that “Global companies need tools that can provide them with global reach”. In order to truly help our customers to achieve the best possible results with their Employee Advocacy programs, we recognize that we need to support the right networks for various different local markets.

The first truly glocal Employee Advocacy solution in the world!

SmarpShare’s portfolio of supported social networks keeps growing. Not only was SmarpShare the first Employee Advocacy platform that in addition to more mainstream social media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter - started supporting Chinese Sina Weibo, the platform has now been supplemented with Xing integration.

Xing is a German professional network founded in 2003 focusing on providing services mainly in German speaking Europe (D-A-C-H region: Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Smarpshare support for Xing is fantastic news particularly for organizations with operations in Central Europe but also for all of those who are interested to expand their digital footprint in the region.

With its 14 million members (of which ~8 million German speaking), Xing is the largest European professional network and the biggest business network in German speaking countries. Considering that Central Europe is one of the key economical regions in the world, Xing is definitely a highly compelling professional network, and therefore, an excellent ground for brand ambassador initiatives.


Today, SmarpShare’s portfolio of supported social networks include:


SmarpShare supported networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Xing


We promise that the number of SmarpShare supported networks will keep growing in the future! Think globally, act locally – with SmarpShare!