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Dec 22, 2016

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Smarp's 2016 in Review

2016 has been a year of growth and evolution for Smarp. We have made some major additions to our team, and the product has seen hundreds of new...

2016 has been a year of growth and evolution for Smarp. We have made some major additions to our team, and the product has seen hundreds of new features and upgrades.

Smarp has had another outstanding year with continued revenue growth every month (that’s 36 consecutive months of revenue growth for Smarp thus far) and over 300% user growth on our platform! We have witnessed firsthand how companies are embracing the knowledge-based economy and investing in an engaged, influential and well-informed workforce. To date, over 200 global enterprises have already chosen to work with us in running their employee communication and advocacy programs.

Focus on Internal Communication For a Well-Informed Workforce

Our product has also had hundreds of new features and upgrades launched during the year, including our unique Professional Influencer Index SmarpScore, automatic content curation, internal commenting and articles, and completely revamped mobile apps. What we are especially proud of is how well our product has been received by our clients’ employees, proven by our industry-leading user retention rate. Our continued investment in user experience is clearly paying off, with all our clients recording growth of up to 600% in the results they have gotten from their employee communication programs run on Smarp.

One of the major evolutions we went through during the year was our increased focus on internal communication. We wanted to help our clients not only turn their employees into brand ambassadors but also create the missing link between employees and company content, so that employees would have access to the information they need to be successful. This has been a natural evolution for us, as we have always been passionate about creating a well-informed and engaged workforce. We believe this is best done on mobile with a single app for both internal and external content. Next year, we will continue to invest in providing the best-in-class user experience and features our customers need to run a successful employee communication and advocacy program.

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Highlights of the Year

Our team has grown at a staggering rate, as we have welcomed 37 new team members in our Helsinki, London, Stockholm and New York offices. We have gone from being a Nordic start-up to being a truly global company with a team of over 20 nationalities. This has included strengthening our executive team with Eikka Heikinheimo joining as CFO and Jari Soini as SVP of Engineering, both bringing decades of international experience as leaders in their fields.

During the past year, we received 3.7 million euro in new funding and successfully completed the TEKES Young Innovative Growth (YIC) program. We moved into our new Helsinki headquarters this spring and hosted kickoff events for our entire global team in Lahti and Helsinki.


Slush (which has grown to over 17 000 attendees) named Smarp as a Nordic game changer in the Nordic Showcase 2016 category, and we were featured on the main stage at this year’s event on November 30 - December 1.


Some have asked why we still call ourselves a start-up when we are almost 6 years old with 70 employees? The reason is that this is only the start of our journey – our ambitions are in the future, as we aim to reinvent how companies communicate on a global scale. We look forward to next year, as we continue to evolve with the market we created six years ago.

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

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Roope Heinilä

Roope Heinilä

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