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Jun 22, 2016

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Smarp Launches the World's First Professional Influencer Index with the Backing of New Funding

Smarp, the global leader in Employee Advocacy solutions, is launching the world's first Professional Influencer Index.

Smarp, the global leader in Employee Advocacy solutions, is launching the world's first Professional Influencer Index.


Smarp has launched SmarpScore, the world’s first Professional Influencer Index, which gives professionals a way of measuring their professional influence across their social networks. SmarpScore makes it easy for users to see how their professional influence progresses over time and helps them create more value for themselves, their networks and their employers.

In the last few years, Employee Advocacy has emerged as one of the fastest growing trends in online marketing, with Altimeter recently reporting that 90% of brands are looking into Employee Advocacy programs. With Smarp’s solution, employees are able to easily engage with and share professional content to their social networks as well as measure the effect that content has on their networks. This has helped Smarp’s clients to exponentially increase the reach and authenticity of their messages, while also increasing employee engagement.

Currently Smarp has hundreds of industry-leading clients, including EMC, EY and ABN Amro, and 55 employees spread through its offices in Helsinki, London, New York, Stockholm and Dubai. Smarp has been a pioneer in the Employee Advocacy market since 2011 with its cloud-based and mobile offering.


Emphasis on Influence 

“One of the biggest issues with gamified Employee Advocacy programs has been their focus on quantity instead of quality. SmarpScore changes this dynamic completely by putting the emphasis on influence, instead of the amount of activity. We see this as a major step towards achieving our goal of inspiring all professionals to become influencers,” says Roope Heinilä, Co-Founder and CEO of Smarp.


Roope_Smarp_Promo.jpg                                               Roope Heinilä announces new funding of 3 million euros for Smarp.


Smarp has also recently closed 3 million euros of new funding lead by Visionplus, with participation from Tekes and Finnvera. This brings the combined amount the company has raised to over 5 million euros. The new funding is being used to speed up Smarp’s expansion, especially in the UK and US, where Smarp has grown rapidly in the last year. During the last 12 months, Smarp has increased its headcount over 3x, with revenues also growing exponentially.

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