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Feb 28, 2017

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Smarp Kicks Off 2017 with Work and Retreat

Smarp’s annual kickoff took place in January this year. The event-intensive week covered workshops, interactive presentations – and of course – some...

Smarp kick-off 2017

Smarp’s annual kickoff took place in January this year. The event-intensive week covered workshops, interactive presentations – and of course – some partying.

Smarp arranged its annual kickoff event during 18-22 January, covering three days of presentations, speeches and workshops. In the weekend, the Smarpers packed their bags and retreated to Kotka in eastern Finland for some winter fun and festivities.

What’s a Smarp kickoff?

For Smarp, kickoffs have become a tradition aimed to strengthen the company’s core functions and include different departments more closely into each other’s work. The activities offer something for everyone; understanding the company mission and goals through shared stories and practical work from the perspective of a function within the company less familiar to oneself.

“As a global company with employees in four countries we often end up collaborating on projects at a distance. Our global kickoff gives everyone the opportunity to work together as one team and get to know each other on a more personal level,” says Smarp CEO Roope Heinilä.

With four offices globally and nearly 70 employees of 22 different nationalities, the importance of face-to-face collaboration and communication is evident. Smarp’s kickoffs are arranged, first and foremost, for employees. It’s work and play combined, and a way to boost the culture.

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“These kick-off events are super important, as we are growing so fast. People get to know each other better and have unified experiences with a lot of fun,” says Smarp’s HR and Recruitment Manager Mikko Koskinen. “Collaboration between employees increases tremendously, and you can sense the positive energy around teams. These events are also where the magic happens – you get to sharpen the business strategy while having fun.”

Smarp kick-off 2017

It’s all about the people

Emilie Calmettes, Business Development Consultant at Smarp calls the kickoff a great team building experience. “Being divided into random teams made the discussions interesting, both during company challenges and when making the greatest video ever. Being able to ponder and laugh about topics that differ from our daily work makes you realize to an even bigger extent how amazing, smart and funny your coworkers are. How neat is that?”

Smarp kick-off 2017

“These events have definitely proven their worth and help us become even stronger going forward”, says Roope Heinilä.

Until next year.

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