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Oct 10, 2016

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Smarp Expands Past Employee Advocacy to Bring Internal Communications On the Go

Organizations need to modernize their ways of communicating in order to stay competitive in an increasingly knowledge-driven business environment....

Organizations need to modernize their ways of communicating in order to stay competitive in an increasingly knowledge-driven business environment. With our new expansion, Smarp aims to become the de facto app to connect employees to the content they need to be successful in their work while empowering them to act as brand ambassadors for their employers.

As the global leader and category pioneer for Employee Advocacy solutions, I am thrilled to announce the expansion of Smarp’s mobile apps to include a new suite of internal communications features. This translates into added features to take on the use of outdated and expensive intranets.

We found that according to Newsweaver, 83% of companies have not yet implemented a technology solution to communicate digitally with offline employees. The same study also shows that 72% of employees use only desktop software for company communications, which hinders their access to critical business information.

Most employees have limited access to company computers and credentials, without a steady availability of information and content through an intranet. It’s clear that people today are used to consuming content and news on their smartphones and expect work-related information on the go as well.

Internal Communications On The Go

We wanted to address this need and have built dedicated mobile apps that allow employers to bring content beyond the web browser-based intranet to reach all their employees via their smartphones. Our objective has been to cover all internal communications needs, in addition to the robust advocacy features the app provides.

The new features complement our current offering by allowing employees access to all relevant company content, whether for internal consumption only or shareable externally. In addition, the app enables two-way collaboration and communication between the employer and employees with its internal commenting, employee content creation and management features.

Robust Sharing

Along with the launch of the new internal features, we’re proud to announce the addition of new local networks like WeChat and Viadeo, along with new capabilities that allow users to share content to just about any social network. More robust admin tools have been added to the mobile app, allowing admins to approve posts right on their phones.

Our global customers have used Smarp’s solution to turn their employees into brand ambassadors. The same app now allows employees to discover and discuss content on their company and industry internally. With Smarp, companies can now reach their employees directly and on the go.

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Roope Heinilä

Roope Heinilä

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