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Feb 14, 2017

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Smarp Data is Smart Data

Smarp Insights allows running a data-driven and human-centric Employee Advocacy program.

Smarp Insights allows running a data-driven and human-centric Employee Advocacy program.

When I became a Customer Success Manager in January 2016, a back-of-the-envelope estimation suggested that, on average, I would be able to spend at best half a day per month servicing a single customer. Taking away meetings and the buffer for any ongoing assistance, that means 1 hour per month on analysis and strategizing before I was able to give customers practical, contextual and quality advice on how to optimize their Employee Advocacy programs. This called for a way to efficiently and accurately process large amounts of data.

At the same time, our program managers on the client side face a similar challenge: they are among the busiest professionals shouldering many responsibilities in sales, recruitment, marketing, communications and management. What’s more, the prevalent data in our industry which were available to customers were either on a highly aggregated (e.g., total shares and clicks) or an overly granular (e.g., Mary shared content X and gained 8 clicks, 5 likes, 1 comment, 3 re-shares and 1 conversion on LinkedIn) level. Neither shed light on where to focus efforts on an ongoing basis.

All of these necessitate an efficient and intelligent way to answer two questions:

  • “What is working and what is not in my Employee Advocacy program?”
  • “Given what we know, where do we go from here?”

Today, we are announcing the launch of Smarp Insights, a brand-new analytics dashboard designed for our customers to easily grasp trends, benchmark parallel elements, and improve the content-people synergy in an Employee Advocacy Program. 


Now if that sounds too abstract, here is a review from Sarah Goodall of Tribal Impact:

"Smarp Insights enables you to take your Employee Advocacy program to the next level. Data is great but what you actually need when managing an employee advocacy program are insights to help you make the right decisions, refine your content strategy and support your employees with their adoption of the tool.
Smarp Insights helps you quickly identify most engaging content, best performing user groups and most popular content sources as well as providing all the data for you to drill into if you need it.
Most people don’t have time to wade through the numbers. Smarp Insights removes the need for data crunching so that administrators can better spend their time optimizing."

When it comes to advanced analytics, one can easily get distracted by the increasing complexity of data and needs. Therefore, throughout this development cycle, we have tried to abide by 4 simple yet key principles in designing Insights:

Customer co-creation

Most of our idea backlog was filled by customers and our employees who interact with potential and existing customers on a regular basis. In addition, we involved customers in the prototyping and refinement of Insights.

Asking the right questions

Many statistics are of interest on some level to different stakeholders, but we place premium on those questions that if one is given the answer to, one could easily understand what action(s) should be taken, given the information.

Think small and connect the dots

Employee Advocacy often involves quickly evolving variables such as content mix, employee social maturity, and user journey. Optimization itself often starts with decoupling processes, improving bits and pieces and ensuring their coherency. (McKinsey, Making data analytics work for you - instead of the other way around)

Visualizing information

Many principles we have adopted are well put forth by Professor Edward Tufte in his ground-breaking classic. Above all, we want our program managers to be able to, in a fun way, compare different pieces of data and feel encouraged to go beyond the surface and explore the meaning behind each data point.

Smarp Insights also paves the way for us to extend our data capabilities. Not only are we in a good place to better assist our customers with relevant insights, but also, we welcome all external stakeholders to take part in the ideation of future iterations of Insights.

Last but not least, at Smarp, we value diversity and teamwork. The majority of our team has been strongly embedded in the development process and among all, significant contributions have been made by Anna (CSM), Arian (Front end), Carl (AE), Duy (Data), Hussain (Back end), Igor (UX), Niklas (Marketing), Veera (AE). Great work, all!

If you are interested in learning more about Smarp Insights, please be in touch here or directly with your Customer Success Manager!

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Written by

Andy Liang

Andy Liang

Andy is a Customer Success Manager at Smarp. In his free time he spends countless hours obsessing over analytics and strategy.

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