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Oct 23, 2019

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New Feature: Private Channels

Not all pieces of news, meeting recordings, results or updates are meant (or even necessary) for everyone to have access to. We live in a world where...


Not all pieces of news, meeting recordings, results or updates are meant (or even necessary) for everyone to have access to. We live in a world where human behavior is constantly shifting further from mass broadcasting to more private, closed group communications.

Like it or not, the use of closed communication groups across major communication platforms is increasing. Facebook reports hockey-stick like growth in Facebook Groups popularity. Similarly, many organizations report that the vast majority of their Slack communications happen as direct messages or in private groups.

At Smarp, we want to offer the same communication experience at work that employees have come to expect in their personal lives. Additionally, with our client base consisting of larger and larger enterprise organizations, we wanted to provide a secure way of communicating with only a specific group of people. However, we wanted to do this in a way that does not take away from Smarp as a means to communicate to your entire workforce at scale.

And we believe that we’ve found the solution.

Private Channels

Introducing private channels! Private channels do exactly what the name suggests they would – they allow you to create communication channels within Smarp that require an invitation from the Channel Manager to join. Users without an invite to the channel are unable to find, subscribe to or see content from that channel. This enables you to create an environment that contains information meant only for certain individuals and groups.


Private channels are perfect for situations such as secure board communications, executive-level communications and internal team communications, just to name a few. By using private channels, you maintain full control over who has access to the information: not even Smarp platform administrators have access unless it is granted to them.

Overall, private channels will serve Smarp customers to further consolidate all of their communications under one roof. It enables you to maintain the flexibility of Smarp as your primary communication channel to your entire workforce, while simultaneously offering a layer of confidentiality for information that requires it. All of this happens in the same Smarp feed and environment you know and love, without disrupting your existing communications structure.


Private channels are available effective immediately for all Smarp customers! The use of the feature works best jointly with our Channel Manager -feature, so feel free to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Director for assistance in using the feature.

And of course, if you and your organization aren’t yet using Smarp, click here and we would be happy to discuss how we can help scale your communications – both public and private.

Written by

Aleksander Cardwell

Aleksander Cardwell

Marketing Director

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