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Jul 03, 2019

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New Feature: Groups

Managing a communications program on a global scale can be a daunting task. When your workforce is dispersed across multiple countries and continents...


Managing a communications program on a global scale can be a daunting task. When your workforce is dispersed across multiple countries and continents as well as departments and functions, coordinating everything from a central location becomes challenging.

Global enterprise companies often need to be able to delegate some level of control on a regional or departmental level, while still maintaining overall management of the program in a central location.

At Smarp, we strive to support communications strategies even at the most complex of organizations. This not only means providing a content distribution system that can scale to any type of organizational structure, but flexible platform management as well. As our customers continue to expand, we wanted to provide an effective way to tackle platform management and the tasks it includes.


Introducing groups! Groups allow you to divide platform management according to your specifications.

Whether you want to segment your platform based on geography or, for example, departments, groups allow you to build a structure that mirrors your organization. This enables group admins to control different areas of the platform independent of a centralized location. These areas include group level user management, group level content management as well as group level analytics. This will serve to streamline processes and improve efficiency in managing your Smarp platform.

Essentially the groups -feature allows admins to manage their platform on a group level, while retaining the flexibility of Smarp as a communications platform and allow users to engage with content across groups. Combined with the ability to distribute content management responsibilities with the channel manager -feature, organizations can now create fully autonomous Smarp environments within a single Smarp instance.

Overall, we believe that groups will allow you and your organization to involve more people in running your Smarp program as well as delegate management responsibilities to the people that understand their region and their departments the best.


Groups are available effective immediately for our Enterprise customers. If you already have an Enterprise package, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for information on activating the feature and building your groups.

If you aren’t yet using Smarp and are interested in hearing more about what the platform has to offer, click here and we’d be happy to give you a quick demo!

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Aleksander Cardwell

Aleksander Cardwell

Product Marketing Manager

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