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Nov 07, 2018

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New Feature: Channel Manager

  At Smarp, our goal is to help you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. The ability to distinguish the right content is...


At Smarp, our goal is to help you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. The ability to distinguish the right content is oftentimes up to the administrators of the platform.

However, as your business continues to expand and your sources of relevant (or right) content begin to grow varied, the ability to effectively administer this information becomes more complex.

Effective administering may require different subject matter expertise, contextual understanding and even being available in different time zones. With all of these nuances in understanding, an added level of sub-moderation becomes necessary. It is clear that in order for us at Smarp to support your growth, we needed to grow as well.

Channel manager

Introducing channel manager! A channel manager is essentially someone who has normal admin rights, but at a channel level. This means that they can approve and submit posts for the channels they manage - effectively lightening the burden on platform administrators. They also have the ability to manage the users subscribed to their channels.

Additionally, a channel manager can access the analytics for the channels that they manage. This allows them to keep track on what content resonates with the subscribers of their channels. Access to analytics, coupled with their expertise ensures that the content stays relevant and their subscribers always have the best user experience possible.

Channel managers do not have access to platform-wide settings, as their privileges are strictly tied to the channels they manage. Thus, they do not have access to setting such as platform notifications, gamification and other platform-wide settings.

This allows you to maintain general administration of the platform with platform administrators all while distributing channel and content administration to the people that know it the best, your subject matter experts.

In conclusion, we believe that the introduction of channel manager will help you involve more people to help co-run your Smarp program, making it easier to scale and have more diverse and interesting content. It’s a win-win for you as a company and for your trusty Smarpers.


Channel manager is available effective immediately for our Enterprise customers. If you are already an Enterprise client of ours, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for information on activating the feature.

And if you and your organization aren’t yet using Smarp…. well, ping us for a chat!

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Aleksander Cardwell

Aleksander Cardwell

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