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Mar 22, 2018

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Mitch Joel on Content Marketing and Authenticity on Social Media

Mitch Joel, President of the Global Digital Marketing Agency Mirum, broadcaster, blogger and professional speaker, gave us an interview on Content...

Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel, President of the Global Digital Marketing Agency Mirum, broadcaster, blogger and professional speaker, gave us an interview on Content Marketing and Authenticity on Social Media.

We discussed key challenges marketers are facing, the updated News Feed algorithm Facebook is working on and the importance of employees and user-generated content. Mitch also shared his predictions regarding the top upcoming Content Marketing trends.

Mitch Joel

Organic Reach and Advertising Strategies on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has announced last January that Facebook was working on updating the News Feed algorithm to improve user experience. The goal? Prioritizing publications from friends, peers and family over businesses, brands and media-generated content in the user’s news feed to generate more “meaningful interactions between people” because “Facebook has always been about personal connections.” 

Facebook algorithm change in 2018 - Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook algorithm change in 2018 - Mark Zuckerberg

As explained by Zuckerberg in his post published on Jan, 12th, “I'm changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.” But what are the implications for brands? On average, pages organically reach about 16 percent of their fans. Should the updated News Feed algorithm be perceived as a challenge or as an opportunity for marketers? As an alternative, are brands going to increase their advertising spend? Mitch shares his thoughts on the topic:

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When Employees and Customers Create Brand-Related Content

Online ads and corporate messages tend to be perceived as intrusive or even irrelevant. Last year, about 11 percent of Internet users had activated ad blockers to reject digital advertising. In total, more than 600 million devices have blocked ads worldwide. In parallel, potential customers pay attention to online reviews and recommendations: according to Inc. Magazine, more than 90 percent of people read online reviews and 84 percent of web users trust online reviews as much as peer recommendations. Those online reviews impact brand perception: 68 percent of people form an opinion about a brand, a product or a service after reading up to six online reviews.

Brands have to design authentic content strategies to outsmart the decline of their visibility due to the use of ad blockers but also to meet the expectations of customers and potential customers better.  A great way to do it is to encourage employees to create and share meaningful content with their peers. Internet users want to know more about life in the workplace and the talents who contribute to the success of a business. Another way to develop an authentic content strategy is to invite customers or any people who have had experiences with the brand to create content. More and more brands are including User-Generated Content (UGC) in their strategy:

Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

One of the best ways to develop a great content strategy and to stay ahead of competitors is by anticipating the upcoming trends. How to increase brand awareness, how to build and develop an authentic and innovative brand and overall, how to engage with Internet users? Mitch has decided to share his predictions for this year with us:

About Mitch Joel: Marketing Magazine has described Mitch as the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing" and "one of North America's leading digital visionaries." Here are the reasons why: Mitch is President of Mirum, a global digital marketing agency operating in 20 countries with over 2500 employees. He is also an author, journalist, broadcaster, blogger (Six Pixels of Separation), a passionate speaker and the Chair of the Digital Marketing Council for the Canadian Marketing Association. Mitch is frequently invited to speak at events hosted by global companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Starbucks, Procter and Gamble and has shared the stage with former President of the United States Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters and Dr. Phil. Mitch is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post, among other magazines. His first book, Six Pixels of Separation, became a Business and Marketing bestseller. His second book, CTRL ALT Delete was named one of the best Business books of 2013 by Amazon.

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