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Jun 02, 2016

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Make Recruitment Genuinely Social - Hunt with a Full Flock!

What could be a better way to engage your employees and potential candidates than by creating buzz around your brand and open positions?

What could be a better way to engage your employees and potential candidates than by creating buzz around your brand and open positions?


Recruitment is a very crucial function within a company, since the responsibility of hiring the right match for your business and culture is essential. I guess everyone can relate to that? As important as it is to find the right cultural match for the company, it is about a combination of reaching out to the right people and getting them to apply, rather than shooting with a shotgun for the highest possible quantity.

It is a bit odd to use war and hunting metaphors when talking about recruiting people, but this is quite close to the actual playground. It is fairly easy to amp up your applicant quantity by allocating $$$ on recruitment nuclear weapons just to blast everyone out there. But wouldn’t you rather use a bow and selected amount of arrows to catch the right prey? It is a market of talents, and companies need to lure in the best talent.


Unleash Your Troops and Let the Hunt Begin!

Now we get to the secret weapon of recruiting the right talent: employees! Including current employees into recruiting has been done for a while, but mostly through outdated referral campaigns, when no other options are left. It should be about genuinely including your employees into the weaponry you use to hunt the talent. This is where social networks and smart employer branding steps in. You should empower employees to be part of your employer brand by default.


employees as advocates.png


Here you can find a couple of tips and tricks on how to include your employees into recruiting with small, yet meaningful ways:

  • Share the information of open positions internally and let people know what you are looking for
    • Once people know what kind of colleagues you are recruiting for them, they will show interest and want to help you
    • It is not enough to post open positions on your site although they are accessible to your employees there you must also share the info internally
  • Bear in mind that everyone uses social media - potential applicants and your own employees
    • Once your employees start to actively share the great news of open positions at your company, your reach of potential candidates will expand exponentially
    • Our employees’ networks most likely contain a lot of potential talents - people tend to have connections with skills and an education similar to their own (multiple targeted arrows shooting out)
  • Encourage your employees to be a part of your employer brand - they are the essence of it!
    • Let your employees know that they can actively participate in using social networks to attract potential talent, while shining out their own professional brand
    • Provide your employees a simple and easy way to share and influence your employer brand. This is where the Employee Advocacy solution is very handy and totally worthwhile! Read more on the perfect marriage of recruitment and Employee Advocacy
  • Remember that your employees care who they work with
    • It will be a matter of interest for your employees to influence who you hire - they are their future colleagues, so why not have an affect on that
    • Once your employees make their own contribution, they will be more engaged with their new colleagues and the company as well

Let the Best Talent Find and Choose You


There is nothing new about the social aspect of recruitment, and recruiters are very active in different channels and networks. But a single recruiter shouting about open positions is as effective as trying to use a wooden stick to hunt your prey. So why not use multiple and engaging baits to get the prey to come to you?

When you include and engage your employees into employer branding and recruiting, it is no longer a traditional search for talent. It is more like creating layers of interest around your company to pull in talent like gravity. The fact that your employees are active in social media and advocate their personal and the company's brand speaks strongly on behalf of the company culture for potential candidates.

Show the fun and the daily, the authentic stuff that happens around the office. Use informal channels like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat actively through your employees. Allow them to contribute to the pictures and messages that go out there. The more authentic the better! This way you can allow potential candidates feel the actual work environment and imagine themselves in it. Your employees will also feel more engaged when you allow them to contribute, so it is a win-win situation. There will be some mistakes, for sure (a picture from the toilet or a colleague picking their nose), but hey, such is life. Don’t be too scared of the mistakes.

Let’s make it really simple: Companies don’t get to choose the best talent - the talent chooses the best company. You have to stand out with your employer brand and target the candidates who you really want to have. A great way of showing that is to share the story through your employees. After all, who can better tell about your brand than the employees working with you?

You should follow Smarp on our multiple channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to see what kind of hustle we have. Another good place to start is our brand new LinkedIn open positions page.

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Mikko Koskinen

Mikko Koskinen

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