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Nov 21, 2017

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Knowledge Sharing Best Practices

Knowledge sharing should be a company policy and strategy, not sporadic.

Knowledge sharing should be a company policy and strategy, not sporadic.

Knowledge sharing is here to stay. Intellect is capital in this knowledge-based economy and ways of sharing content have increased everyone’s thirst for relevant information.

Here are some best practices to bear in mind when planning your internal knowledge sharing processes.

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Give recognition

Make it a company policy to reward employees for sharing tricky information, success stories and simply useful content that can help and inform others. Not only should you make it as easy as possible to share content internally, it should be a thing employees strive to do. Remember to focus on recognition, rather than rewards, and furthermore on quality, not quantity.


Make it usable

“We’ve learned that sharing knowledge is all about usability,” says President and Owner of Computer Repair Doctor Matt Ham.

“We face two big problems:

  1. Employee needs from a knowledge resource vary dramatically for the same resource
  2. Knowledge needs to be categorized/organized in an easy to navigate, searchable manner.”

It’s about making knowledge accessible, considering individual needs for detail. “Successful internal knowledge sharing utilizes solutions that allow an employee to zoom in/out on any particular issue, in order to see the broad picture and/or the granular details.”

Embrace different forms of knowledge sharing

In addition to investing in knowledge that is digitally available, organizations should set aside time for face-to-face collaboration, contributing content and offsite events. Employees may have different ways to share their expertise and pass on their knowledge to others in the organization. The key is to listen to their needs and engage them through communication methods they will find enjoyable.

Whatever ways you prefer for creating a knowledge sharing culture, it will pay off in the long run. Get started on your knowledge sharing strategy today and let us know how we can help!

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