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Apr 19, 2018

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Jeet Banerjee: How to Build a Great Personal Brand on Social Media

Building a unique personal brand is a must-do to showcase your expertise and grow your thought leadership. Branding yourself is also beneficial to...

Jeet Banerjee, digital marketing consultant

Building a unique personal brand is a must-do to showcase your expertise and grow your thought leadership. Branding yourself is also beneficial to your company’s brand image, employer brand and online reputation.

Personal branding on social media is for everyone, not only for marketers! But building a personal branding strategy is not that easy: where to start? How to be authentic? What content to share and on which channels?

Jeet Banerjee, entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, best-selling author and TEDx speaker shares his tips for creating and growing a great personal brand online.

Jeet Banerjee, digital marketing consultant
 Jeet Banerjee

Hi Jeet, developing our personal brand on social media is a great way to take our career to a higher level - Can you explain us the reasons why personal branding is so important to experts and professionals?

A personal brand is extremely important because your brand will carry on forever. After selling my first business at 19, I quickly realized that nobody knew who I was or why I was valuable after selling my company. I spent 2 years branding and building a name for my business, but as soon as I sold it... nobody knew who I was. That was when I realized that the most important thing you have is your name and you should brand yourself because no matter what business or industry you go into, it'll carry on with you.

According to you, what are the key steps for building an effective personal branding strategy?

I think the most important first step is to find an authentic and original way to stand out in your niche or industry. When I started out, I knew that there were other young entrepreneurs like myself, but most people hid the fact that they were young. It was considered almost a taboo in the business space because many people thought it would hinder their chances of being successful. Instead of hiding it, I decided to own my age and my youth, which allowed me to build a really strong brand. Just be extremely honest and authentic when you build a personal brand because real resonates with real.

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Choosing the right social media channels is also crucial for building a great personal brand - What are your favorite channels, the ones that you use to elevate your personal brand?

My very favorite social media channel for personal branding is Twitter. It's so easy to connect with people and it's extremely efficient because everything is limited to concise tweets. There are tons of business professionals that are already engaging on Twitter and you can easily find like-minded individuals with the use of hashtags.

My second favorite social media channel as of late has become Instagram just because of how much time people are spending on the social network.

To showcase their skills and expertise, professionals can share content related to their personal or professional achievements but also content related to the industry and to the company they're working for. Can you tell us a bit more about this approach?

I have built my personal brand and expertise in two different ways over the years. I share my personal and professional achievements and keep people updated on what's going on in my life.

However, the most value I get from building my personal brand is by sharing information and knowledge that I'm learning and by commenting on things that are going on in the industry.

If you want to brand yourself as an expert, you have to be willing to share your opinions and expertise on various topics relevant to the industry that you're in. The more you do this, the more people will learn from you and begin to follow your personal brand.

In your opinion, what are the key personal branding trends that are going to shape this year and 2019?

I think there are a couple of big personal branding trends that are already shaping up this year and will continue to be valuable throughout 2019.

I think text and pictures are slowly becoming less engaging for many people. As a result, I think it's going to be extremely crucial to build your personal brand through the use of live streams, webinars, and videos. People are engaging at a much higher rate with real-time content than ever before and it will translate over to personal brands.

Lastly, I also believe that many more people are tackling their personal brand than ever before. As a result of this, it isn't as easy or as cheap as it once was to build up your own brand. You're going to have to invest more time, energy and money than ever before to build your personal brand up moving forward!

About Jeet: Jeet Banerjee is a 25-year old serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. Jeet began his entrepreneurial journey at 17 and has since sold two tech companies for a profit. In addition to that, Jeet has launched a handful of other successful ventures and helps other entrepreneurs find success with their own ideas. Check out Jeet’s website and blog to learn more about his activities!

A Guide to Personal Brand through Employee Advocacy

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