3 Factors That Humanize a Brand

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Last updated: October 31, 2016

Brands are becoming more human than corporate, in order to garner trust and be approachable in the eyes of the consumer. Humanized brands trust and leverage the people who work for it. According to Altimeter, humanizing brands is a top business motivation for 37 % for starting an Employee Advocacy program.

We listed three important factors that humanized brands have in common.


1) Emotional Connection with the Consumer

Successfully humanized brands are the ones that have been able to get their voice heard amidst today’s cacophony of sales pitches, print and video advertisements and establish a connection with their target audience. Well established brands address their customers and engage with them. When marketed well, brands are accepted by consumers as extensions of themselves.

2) Resonance & Consonance

Humanized brands are able to reach their target audience with little effort and time. There are few communication barriers between the brand and consumers, indicating a bond of trust and respect betwixt them. Killer content is key. Peer-generated content is also valued high: The 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that 2 of 3 top used sources of news and information are peer-influenced media.


3) Passion & Honesty

Brand awareness stems from collaboration between the employee and employer. Altimeter reports that 57 % of participants in a formal Employee Advocacy program share content about the employer on their personal accounts because they believe in the employer’s mission and want to promote what they do. Engaged employees share an authentic image of the brand one which consumers can relate to. 

Check, check and check.

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