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Sep 27, 2016

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Influencer Insights, Part 5: Jeff Bullas

First stick to what works and make sure that the basics are covered, believes Jeff Bullas. Experimenting with other media platforms and multi-channel...

First stick to what works and make sure that the basics are covered, believes Jeff Bullas. Experimenting with other media platforms and multi-channel marketing will help ensure you reach the broadest audience.


After spending most of his career with information technologies, telecommunications and the web, Jeff Bullas is now sought after to help brands and businesses optimize their online brands. An expert in emerging technologies, content, social media, and digital marketing he also runs the eponymous blog named one of the Top 50 Marketing Blogs in AdAge’s Power 150 Ranking. Jeff Bullas was also named Onalytica’s #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer in 2016.


Jeff_small.jpgWhat do you consider to be the role of offline connecting on building online influence?

Offline connecting is where your real personality can be revealed. But offline doesn't scale well. So you need to learn how to present in front of an audience to complement the online reach.

What's your tip for standing out and providing something of value to followers?

Find your own writing voice and get to understand the challenges and aspirations of your readers and viewers. Then create content that helps your followers achieve their goals. You need to put yourself in their shoes.

You mentioned in an interview with Mark Schaefer that 'if you want to write a lot you have to read a lot' - what are the most influential outlets, books or authors that have helped you to improve your writing skills?

One of the biggest influences on my writing skills was the book by Stephen King "On Writing". If you haven't read it, go and buy it now!

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In one of your blog posts you write that personal sacrifices are inevitable when building a business and that it is important to focus on the bigger picture. What is an example of a sacrifice that you made early on in order to build your brand?

To stand out I had to create the best content I could and be persistent and consistent. So for 4 years I got up at 4.30am, 5 days a week and created and marketed my blog posts before I started my day job.  



You highlight and provide insight on the benefit of blogging, Twitter and the effective use of other social media platforms. Do you think that a company/individual can have an influential online presence without strategic use of multiple platforms? What role does the use of multiple outlets play on digital success?

Multi-channel marketing is essential to reach the broadest and largest audience possible. Relying on one channel is a high risk strategy because they change the algorithms and the rules of the network. 

You grew your traffic from nothing to over 5 million visitors per year. Do you find yourself constantly discovering new tools and adjusting your tactics or are you loyal to a particular combination and strategy?

We stick with what works but we are still experimenting with other media and platforms. This includes Flipboard, Medium and Instagram. But you need to make sure you are not chasing every shiny new toy and not doing the basics. We are also working harder at testing and optimizing current tactics to improve traffic and conversions. This includes tweaking search and email marketing.

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Perry Betts

Perry Betts

Perry is the Public Relations Specialist at Smarp. She makes connections, absorbs media and is always available to chat @perrybetts

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