Influencer Insights, Part 7: Juntae DeLane

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Approx. 3 min. read
Last updated: October 31, 2016

Building successful digital branding is about work-life integration. Some think they should separate personal and professional lives on social media but they’re wrong.


An accomplished digital branding guide, Juntae DeLane is the founder of Digital Branding Institute, Sr. Digital Brand Manager for the University of Southern California, and principal consultant for DIGITAL DELANE. Juntae is passionate about helping organizations/individuals enhance their digital identity. On top of it all, he keeps himself busy frequently educating on the practice of digital branding via lectures and his podcast The Digital Branding Lab.

As a digital marketing expert how do you see face to face interactions fitting in today's technology driven world? Do you think this is still a beneficial practice?

Face-to-face interactions can be taxing for any brand and take more effort and resources. As a result, this type of interaction may be valuable for consumers and help brands stand out from competition.


When did you begin to build your personal brand? Do you think it’s important even for people that are not looking to become consultants in their field?

To clarify, personal branding and digital branding are very different as one is mostly focused on establishing an identity and the other is focused on conversions particularly in the digital space.

Although someone can establish a personal brand while building a digital brand, neither one should be ignored, but one will take center stage depending on your goals: building a business, looking for work, supporting the operation of an employer, or just putting your best foot forward. Both digital branding and personal branding can do the trick.

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What do you see as an emerging digital marketing trend that is here to stay?

Live streaming is a popular technique that brands and individuals continue to adopt. As technology allows for high-quality streaming, more people will include it in their digital branding strategies.



What are your tips for combining personal and professional on one's social media channels?

Some people may think they should separate their personal and professional lives while trying to build their digital branding. They're wrong: It's about work-life integration and NOT separation.

You state in your podcast that things are only going to get more open and transparent, and real and authentic. What do you think are the top advantages this provides for companies?

Consumer brands are attempting to build deeper, more authentic relationships with consumers. Consumers are now conditioned to engage with brands as humans. Making a mistake is a part of being human but not recognizing that mistake will send your constituents to your competitors. If you want to be more transparent, real, and authentic, act like your brand is human.

Censorship has become more loose, as you have pointed out. Do you think this adds more responsibility or freedom for people to act online?

Today's censorship allows for more freedom as brands no longer have to create rigid content.

Perry Betts
October 11, 2016