Improving Employee Advocacy through User Experience

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Last updated: October 2, 2017

Usability testing is a key component of any product that puts users first.

User experience (UX) has been a hot topic in the recent years and it should be tied to any technological experience. Many companies dismiss usability testing as resource and time-consuming, while others simply don’t invest in the process the right way to make it useful enough for product improvement.

With the Employee Advocacy sphere and digital trends being reshaped continuously, technology needs to keep up. Users will have changing needs in terms of sharing on social media, and these needs must be met.

At Smarp, we particularly value the ease of use of our Employee Advocacy. The shared tool must be easy enough to use, so that any employee advocate can make the best of it, regardless of their social media savviness. When employees feel great when using our platform, they will feel more confident in sharing content to their networks.

Testing new features

For this reason, every time a new feature is ready here at Smarp, we set up a series of usability tests to see how users and non-users utilize the feature against our initial expectations and to find ways to improve the overall experience. Usability testing is not only limited to new features, but it can also be used to collect insights on how users are currently using our product, and what they would like to see improved.

Let’s take a look at a test concerning our post feed.

Unlike other platforms which display one post at a time, our post feed has a two-column layout. Visually, it looks very eye-catching and different, but underneath, we figured there might be some hidden issues. So we decided to test if we should opt for a one-column feed.

Here’s an infographic on what we learnt.


Employee Advocacy and User Experience Infographic

This is an example of the type of usability testing we carry out on a continuous basis. User experience will continue to be redefined in the context of broader customer experience, and its role will only grow. 

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Minh Luu
January 20, 2017