How to Succeed in Social Selling

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Last updated: October 31, 2016

Social selling can no longer be ignored in today’s sales techniques. Leveraging social media channels is a must for improving reach, communicating with leads, and inserting a more personal touch to selling.


Social selling is considered to be soft selling; It’s about answering questions, offering interesting content and engaging with prospects until they are ready to purchase from you. The traditional sales strategy goes: “Always be Closing.” We believe that it should be “Always be Connecting” instead. Being active on social media alone is not a guarantee for sales, but it goes a long way in establishing relationships. According to Forbes, sales representatives leveraging social media in their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers. Not too shabby, right?


Get it Going with Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy heavily supports connecting and interacting on social media, and reaching the right people. By sharing content actively, and optimizing your reach through Employee Advocacy, you are able to reach prospects more effectively, while hopefully also turning them into sales.

How to get started? There are five things to keep in mind:

  1. First Impression
  2. Strategy
  3. Sharing and Engaging
  4. Demonstrating your Value 
  5. Measuring

Find out more on how to boost social selling with an Employee Advocacy solution by downloading the full e-book.

Get more quality leads with employee advocacy and social selling