How to Succeed in Social Recruiting

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Last updated: February 8, 2017

Let’s face it, everybody’s on social media these days. The most potential candidates probably already exist in your employees’ networks.


Recruiters must be increasingly resourceful in order to reach all the applicants they want.

“Today, if the only candidates you have are the ones that come to you when they are ready, you will only have candidates that other people have too”, says Alexis Marinopoulos, co-founder of social recruiting provider Movinhand Ltd on why ignoring social recruiting will cost you your career.

According to our data, employee advocates have 420 Facebook friends, 400 LinkedIn contacts, and 360 Twitter followers on average.* Add the numbers together and multiply it with the number of your employees, and you will get the potential size of the audience that your employees can reach.

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Employee Advocacy Boosts Social Recruiting

This provides massive recruitment potential. Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to capture top talent. Seventy-three percent of recruiters have made successful recruitments through social media media, Jobvite’s report reveals.  

Employee Advocacy supports social recruiting in a number of important ways. It Increases your applicant pool, reduces hiring times, boosts trustworthiness and desirability, and supports engagement as well as your employer brand.

When employees spread positive word-of-mouth and advocate for their employer, this communicates an open and transparent company culture and increases the value of the brand.


Want to find out more about how social recruiting is possible with Employee Advocacy and get practical tips for making it happen? Download our free guide below.

Reach more talent with the help of employee advocacy and social recruiting

November 07, 2016