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Sep 22, 2016

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How to Onboard Employees into Employee Advocacy with Sarah Goodall

Smarp’s latest Smarp Talk took place on September 14th with Roope Heinilä and Sarah Goodall.

Smarp’s latest Smarp Talk took place on September 14th with Roope Heinilä and Sarah Goodall.


Smarp Talk’s most recent instalment  on September 14th featured CEO and co-founder of Smarp Roope Heinilä and the founder of Tribal Impact and former head of Social Business for EMEA at SAP Sarah Goodall. The discussion focused one of the most pivotal points of an Employee Advocacy program: how to onboard employees.

As Roope Heinilä says, Employee Advocacy is still a relatively new subject and something that companies need help with in launching, as there aren’t too many experts on the subject out there.

Sarah, who has a background in marketing, describes herself as always having had half of herself in communications, because she appreciates the value of employees and employee engagement – and how that ties into the brand. “People don’t follow logos; they follow people.”

It’s about more than choosing a tool, though, as she points out. It’s about a strategy and program for the company. In Employee Advocacy “you are fostering a culture of social business, not creating a marketing megaphone machine.”

Management buy-in is crucial for enabling a successful program for a company. “When employees see their CEO or leader actually being social, it gives them permission to follow suit”, Sarah says.

Find Sarah’s tips on how to

  • Sell an Employee Advocacy program internally
  • How to get management buy-in
  • What steps you need to take before launching a program
  • How to help employees become more social
  • What to measure during the launch

and more by listening to the whole webinar below.

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy 

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