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Nov 09, 2017

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How to Make Social Selling a Company-Wide Effort

A single sales department will only get you so far. When you have an entire staff of people socially connected and familiar with your company’s...

A single sales department will only get you so far. When you have an entire staff of people socially connected and familiar with your company’s strengths, you can do wonders for your sales.  

Social selling has become widespread on account of the prevalence of social media and buyers’ new ways of seeking information about products and services. It is considered soft selling that builds on education and listening to the prospects’ needs.

So, what’s the trick to social selling? Involving everyone in your company to the initiative.

Employees should:

Have Content at Their Fingertips

Make sure your salespeople and (and all employees) have access to relevant content they can share to their networks and interested prospects. If they can educate their networks on their industry and product, they need to spend less time explaining what it is they do, and let interested individuals approach them.

  • Industry content - What is happening within the industry? Sharing content that highlights what is going on in the field can place your product within the global marketplace.  
  • Product content - What problems does your product solve? How has your product helped your clients, and how have they adapted it for their business practices?

Educational content helps save salespeople’s time and helps establish them as thought leaders.

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Be Aware of the Company Mission

If employees are not truly aware of what the company stands for, they are not as good at sales as they could. Company mission statements help drive B2B sales by helping salespeople educate prospects on the value of their product or service.

“Our mission and product really resonates with those sales teams that are trying to find new ways to reach potential clients and leave a lasting impression on them,” says Prezi’s Head of Sales Operations Adam Harless.

By keeping employees up to date on the company’s mission, they are better-equipped to adapt to any new adjustment in the overall strategy and can seek support for a changing pitch.

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Advocate for Their Company Actively

Encouraging all employees, not just salespeople, to advocate on behalf of the company on social media can seriously boost business. It should never be a question of forcing, though. “This is part of your job description – to be an advocate for the brand. If you don’t want to do it, what does that tell the executive about the individual?” asks social selling expert Mario Martinez Jr.  

Investing in your company culture, personal support, providing employees with the knowledge they need to succeed and make investments in your employer brand are all ways to make sure your employees are invested in spreading the good word about your brand online.

Get social on your side and enable your employees to be powerful social sellers online.

Get more quality leads with employee advocacy and social selling

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Annika Rautakoura

Annika Rautakoura

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