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Apr 18, 2017

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How to Improve Employee Engagement - Infographic

In order to succeed as a business, you need a team that is motivated and goal-oriented. You are hopefully also aiming for a positive working...

Improve employee engagement with internal communication, technology and feedback collection

In order to succeed as a business, you need a team that is motivated and goal-oriented. You are hopefully also aiming for a positive working atmosphere and having employees who truly like to come to work. When combined together, these factors can lead to positive word of mouth about your company and engaged employees.

Think about it, have you taken any steps towards engaging your employees? Check out our points on how to boost employee engagement. Remember to scroll down to find our complete article around the infographic! 

How to Improve Employee Engagement - Infographic

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1) Create a positive working culture

The most important step is to invest in your company culture. Set your core values and act based on them. Share these values with the whole company and implement them to the working culture on a daily level.

2) Walk the walk

One of the most effective engagement tactics is to lead by example. An employee's supervisor plays a crucial role in improving internal communication and engaging employees into the company mission, Dale Carnegie reveals.

3) Emphasize collaboration

Make your employees see each other as humans, not as part of departments. Get them together for brainstorming or for practical meetings. It’s also beneficial to organize out-of-office company gatherings regularly. As a result, employees can understand each other better, ultimately leading to improved productivity.

4) Invest in internal communication

Having open communication in place makes employees feel like they are part of and valued in the company. Communicate all important messages (and also the smaller bits) to employees, so they are up-to-date on company matters and can make well-informed decisions in their work.

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5) Use the right technology

Having shared technology among your employees will boost networking and effective communication. Also, having company content available for everyone will support employee performance and the smoothness of work. Remember to invest in technology that is mobile-optimized – the number of mobile phone users is predicted to be up to 4.77 billion in 2017.

6) Collect feedback

Asking regular feedback from employees is a foolproof way to engage employees. You should invest, for example, in easy employee surveys. This will make employees feel valued and important in shaping the company culture. Pro tip: remember regular one-on-one sessions, where employees can freely share thoughts.

7) Be transparent

Be open about company matters, and let employees know why certain decisions are made. Transparency is the secret sauce to employee engagement. It works both ways; when the company is open about its successes and problems, employees will feel more motivated in sharing their own insights.

Improve employee engagement with internal communication, technology and feedback collection

8) Motivate your employees

Offer time for your employees to spend on their personal development. Allow learning times for them to get into new projects and discover about certain business-related topics. Gamification is a motivation-booster as well. Embedding it into your culture strategy will bring fun into work!

9) Provide recognition and rewards

Employees should be recognized for their efforts to keep them motivated and make them feel valued. Whether they are simple tokens of recognition (post-its or public thank-you emails), or material rewards (e.g. gift certificates), small things can be huge motivation boosters.

10) Establish Employee Advocacy

Consider establishing an Employee Advocacy program, where everyone’s voice matters. Formal Employee Advocacy programs provide a way for employees to easily find relevant professional content and also share it with their networks. They’re also great for bringing employees together around shared matters.

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Orsolya Harkai

Orsolya Harkai

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