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Dec 16, 2016

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How to Improve Employee Advocacy With A Better Work Experience

I recently presented the benefits of Employee Advocacy to the managers of The Social Insurance Institution of Finland at their social media kickoff...

I recently presented the benefits of Employee Advocacy to the managers of The Social Insurance Institution of Finland at their social media kickoff event. I concentrated on how employees using social media during work hours can benefit the team and overall work experience.

What you, as a ringleader, should realize is that an Employee Advocacy program shouldn’t just be about the organization’s marketing efforts. It should also be about connecting employees, making them feel trusted and respected — an employee advocate isn’t just marketing machine. When done right, an Employee Advocacy program can, in fact, make employees feel better or even help them fight a nearing burnout.

Support a better work experience

Here is what you, as an Employee Advocacy mastermind, can do at your company to support a better program through the employee’s work experience:

1. Save employees’ time by easing access to information

Not knowing what is going on is, in my opinion, one of the most stressing things imaginable. A lack of knowledge leads to time-consuming quests for information, and false beliefs.

Concentrating all information to a single, clear platform connects employees with relevant information. A platform that brings forth the latest social media content, possible blog articles and needed internal news keeps your employees aware of what is happening in the company and in their field. Everything useful, both aggregated and curated —all ready to be shared and in one place— saves massive amounts of time. It can also produce a certain calmness when employees know that they are licensed to share those things.

2. Empower each employee advocate to influence

Feeling appreciated does wonders to a human, don’t you think? What’s more important, not being noticed as an individual can harm more than just your marketing process.

Focus on the employee instead of their reach, do internal boosting regularly, and nurture your employee community. Borrow a page from Nordic Business Forum 2016 speaker Vineet Nayar’s handbook: “Employees first, customers second.” Dig deeper with individual employees, help them develop their professional brand and provide some positive feedback. If employees feel empowered, I bet their connections with clients are also made better.

3. Help advocates burst their own bubbles

Everyone gets stuck in a rut sometimes. It isn’t uncommon to feel a little dispirited, if there isn’t anything new and exciting in one’s life. But living in one’s own bubble might prevent gaining new clients.

Reinforce your content streams with relevant third-party content within your industry. It will increase industry awareness, which can help connect your employees with other professionals in the industry and hopefully even leads. This can greatly help them to establish a professional image and feel more connected to the rest of the world.

Work happiness leads to better Employee Advocacy

Employees will share fun things about working if they are, indeed, having fun and appreciated as professionals. Employee Advocacy is a by-product of a thriving work experience, so it is worth harnessing those positive experiences for improved Employee Advocacy.

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

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Hanna Takala

Hanna Takala

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