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Jan 24, 2017

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How to Build Brand Trust on Social Media

Let me guess: You want to use social media to get the vote of confidence of your audience, don’t you? I don’t blame you. Considering how there are...

Let me guess: You want to use social media to get the vote of confidence of your audience, don’t you? I don’t blame you. Considering how there are over 2.34 bn social media network users globally, it pays to dominate the space since your audience is more likely than not hanging out on the platform. 

And so the question becomes, how exactly do you use social media sites to establish trust between your audience and your business? While there are several ways to go about this, I will share with you four powerful social media marketing tips that you can use to accomplish just that. Let’s hop right in.

1. Be Consistent in Your Posts

You shouldn’t contradict yourself when publishing something on your social media profiles. Not only will this confuse your audience, but it might cause them to think that you are spineless. That right there is a surefire way of telling them that you aren’t trustworthy. After all, if your stand is easily swayed by others, then it means whatever you say right now won’t mean much since it can very well change minutes or days after.

In short, they won’t be able to trust whatever message you relay to them.

2. Be Authentic

If you’re into vlogging, then you’d have probably heard about Casey Neistat. The guy has over 6 million YT subscribers and pockets no less than $90,000 monthly (just an estimate) out of his video views alone — excluding his endorsements, etc. I’m telling you about Casey because he reeks of authenticity. Check out one of his videos and you’ll understand what I mean.

Authenticity works because when you are transparent to your audience, they will tend to reciprocate what you are doing (reciprocating is but human nature).

When you break down what it means to be authentic, it is all about opening yourself up to your audience, trusting that they’ll accept you or they won’t judge you. When your audience reciprocates that trust by being transparent to you in return, then you’d have formed a level of relationship that is based on trust.

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3. Publish Content Relevant to Your Audience

The one question that you need to address if you want to catch your audiences’ attention is this: “What’s in it for me?”

You can bet your horses that this statement is true. In fact, I’m guessing that you’re asking the same question almost every time just like I do and everyone else. When you receive an email, you look at the subject line and ask yourself (consciously or subconsciously) if there is anything you can gain from opening the email. When someone asks to set an appointment with you, you ask yourself the same thing.

I’m not trying to emphasize that we are all selfish here; rather, I’m trying to point out that this is how our brains are hardwired. Such is the power of relevance. In case you hadn’t noticed it yet, the mere fact that we are asking “What’s in it for me?” means that we are constantly screening the things around us for relevance.

If your social media posts are relevant to your audience, not only will they consume your content, but you’ll also manage to form a level of connection with them since they know that your brand is relevant to them.

Important Note — While it is crucial to ascertain that your message is relevant to your audience, you also need to make sure that it is tied directly to your company’s overall strategy and goals. Otherwise, there is going to be a huge disconnection between the results of your marketing efforts, and the goals that you’ve set prior to running your marketing campaigns.

how to be authentic on social media

4. Give Your Employees Some Love

When you speak life to your employees and show appreciation to them via your social media profiles, these two things will happen:

  1. Your employees will feel good about your company because you appreciated them. They will, in turn, spread the word about how awesometastic your brand is. When you think about the number of employees in your company and how each of your employees has a decent number of connections, I’m sure you can see how powerful this strategy can be.
  2. Your audience (your prospect customers) will see how you value your employees. This can tell them volumes about your brand. If you are the type of business who values their employees, then that means you are capable of valuing them — your customers.

After all, if a brand treats their own employees like trash, the customers are inclined to think that they are bound to be treated like trash as well.

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Building trust between your company and your audience using social media isn't rocket science at all. Just by following the tips that we've shared above, you'd be able to establish and cultivate a meaningful relationship with your audience that's based on trust.

If you have questions or ideas that you'd like to share, then please do so in the comments section below. Cheers!

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Jimmy Rodela

Jimmy Rodela

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