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Aug 14, 2018

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How an Internal Content Hub Helps Your Business Grow

An internal content hub helps employees and employers communicate and stay aware of company shenanigans and latest industry trends. Having an...

An internal content hub helps employees and employers communicate and stay aware of company shenanigans and latest industry trends. Having an internal content hub has a real, tangible impact on your business, and in this article, we present the ways it helps your business grow.

What Is an Internal Content Hub?

An internal content hub is a tool that enables employers and employees to communicate with each other better, become more aware of industry and company knowledge, and develop both personal brands and company brands. When an internal content hub comes with an external sharing feature, it can also be used for Employee Advocacy, social selling and social recruiting. If this is the first time you’re hearing about an internal content hub, we suggest you check out this post:

Need a Super Power? Get an Internal Content Hub! - Infographic

To read more about different ways you can use a content hub, see this post:

Why Your Organization Should Have an Internal Content Hub

The Benefits of an Internal Content Hub:

1. Increased Content Marketing ROI

Using an internal content hub helps you introduce your new content to your employees and make sure they don’t miss any content your marketing and communications teams work hard to produce. Moreover, you can use the content hub for republishing old popular content the newest employees may never have seen, and you can archive the most important content. You can also make sure that your employees can access these contents if they want to use them as marketing or sales support material, or just revisit them to remember key content.

When you make sure your employees can access and utilize all of your content, not just your latest ones, your content marketing efforts become more valuable, and this increases the return of investment for your content marketing.

2. Personal Branding Expands Your Prospect Pool

A content hub enables you to keep your employees up-to-date on industry trends. They are also able to share company and industry content to their personal social networks and in this way, grow their personal brand and thought leadership position. And as you make your employees thought leaders in their industries, the prospects will follow.

Having a strong personal brand adds to your employees’ credibility and helps them engage with potential customers. When you give your employees the opportunity to provide quality industry content to their prospects, you may see shorter sales cycles and more closed deals and through this, you will gain more customers.

3. Increased Talent Attraction

When your internal content hub allows your internal content to be shared easily, your employees may share open positions of your company to their own social networks. This lures in talent from your employees’ expanded social networks and as the post is shared from a personal profile instead of a corporate one, the open positions come with a stamp of approval from current employees, adding to your positive Employer Brand. You will also reach more people than you would by using only your corporate account, and you are able to attract talent faster.

Using an internal content hub attracts new talent

4. Increased Productivity

Knowledge workers spend an average of 2.5 hours every working day looking for information, and an internal content hub will help your employees find content faster. If you can reduce unproductive work time by even 1 daily hour per employee, in a 1000 person company you are looking at 200.000 annual working hours saved. When increased effectiveness is translated into business success, the potential revenue gain becomes massive.

5. Increased Organic Reach and Engagement

When employees share content to their personal networks, the reach is 561% higher than when the message is shared through official brand accounts. The content shared by employees also creates 8 times more engagement than brands’ social media channels. Activating your employees to share your company content through your content hub creates a big boost in your organic marketing ROI, and brings in masses of new traffic.

6. Higher Brand Trust

When employees share your message on social media, your brand awareness grows. Through expanded reach, you are likely to gain more social media following, more positive Word of Mouth and eventually, more brand advocates.

7. Improved Lead Quality

Content coming from employees is regarded as more trustworthy than content from corporate brands. Leads from Employee Advocacy are also 7 times more likely to convert than other types of leads. With the help of your employees, you will improve your lead quality, shorten marketing and sales cycles and see an increase in your marketing and sales ROI. The important thing is to acknowledge the power and importance of your employees to your business. So invest in your employees - it pays off.

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Mia Mäkipää

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