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Apr 10, 2018

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Everyone Is Creative - Encouraging Employee Content Creation

By tapping into the creativity and skills of your employees, your marketing team is able to stay on top of their content creation game.

By tapping into the creativity and skills of your employees, your marketing team is able to stay on top of their content creation game.

Producing an endless supply of relevant, quality content is the holy grail for many companies, but consistently churning out engaging posts, videos, and social media updates is a huge task. Most marketing teams are buckling under the pressure of staying on top of their grueling publishing schedules, so what’s the answer?

You know that saying, “two heads are better than one”? Well, what about three, four, ten, or fifty heads? Getting the whole workforce on board not only allows for variation in the content you put out there, but it also gives your marketing team a breather while other “brand experts” (a.k.a. the people who know your business best) pick up the slack.

There’s just one question that remains: how do you get employees involved in the content creation process, especially if you’re trying to utilize the skills of employees not in creative roles?

How do you get people that aren’t used to writing and idea generation to write guest blog posts, share videos on social media, create case studies, or write a personal blog?

We believe everyone has something to say. Here’s how you can tap into your employees’ creativity.

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1. Run Ideation Workshops

Nurturing a creative workforce means building an environment where employees are free to come up with ideas and build on them.

Each month you might gather everyone together for a big brainstorming session where employees feel completely safe and free to share any ideas they’ve had over the last month.

During these workshops, you can buddy people up and encourage employees to talk to each other in small groups about their ideas, as it’s much easier to spark interesting concepts when ideas are being bounced around two, three, or more people.

2. Encourage Idea Collection

Ideas come to us at the strangest times – there’s a reason the #showerthoughts hashtag is so popular on social media – and giving your employees tools to track and jot down anything that comes to mind as soon as it does will help them generate even more content ideas.

To do this, make sure employees always have access to post-its and a notebook, or you might want to leverage an interactive tool where everyone can dump their ideas and build on each other’s thoughts and ideas. For this, you can open a discussion channel in Slack, set up a dedicated Trello board, or simply create a shareable Google Doc.

Trello Editorial Calendar Tool

3. Introduce Training

Employees might feel embarrassed to share ideas or create content if they don’t think they’re good enough, so continuously remind your team that there’s no such thing as a bad writer – just inexperienced ones! The only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice.

Set up regular training sessions where experts come in and share the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in the content creation world, and run an ideas workshop off the back of the training to soak up all the creative juice.

At each training session, you can take it further by:

  • Reviewing previous content that did or didn’t work and helping employees understand why it had the results it did
  • Sharing content from other brands that you love to generate ideas and to show employees the kind of content you’re looking to create
  • Getting employees to share the best content they’ve read or seen that week or month

4. Offer Incentives and Inspiring Prompts

People love prizes. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for their hard work?

The ultimate way to encourage employees to get involved in the content creation process is to give them a reason to get involved.

Incentives work well for people that need pushing over the edge, but it doesn’t just have to be rewards that you put in place (which can sometimes feel like bribery). It could be something as simple as sharing weekly prompts to help spark inspiration and give employees something to work from.

There’s nothing worse than a blank page, right?

And blank pages won't be around when you provide employees with the tools, support, and a creative environment they need to get the ideas flowing.

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