Embracing the Digital World of Internal Communication

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Last updated: September 4, 2017

The digital world is here to stay. How can companies make the most of it for their internal communication purposes?

Workplaces have become increasingly more digitalized, providing endless possibilities for communication and engaging employees. Slack, Yammer, Lync are regular apps used by employees to discuss even the smallest of matters and in a similar manner to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The line between work and free time is in many cases surprisingly thin.

This means that employers have new possibilities at their disposal to reach their employees and spread knowledge to them. 

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However, it’s not a given that organizations allocate technological resources to communicating with employees internally. “We have a tendency to improve systems for our customers; we rarely think about our people first,” says Chief People Officer Karen Rivoire. Technology can greatly facilitate communications and connections between employees, when done right.

How exactly can technology be utilized to make employee communication better?

It can gather all communication in one place

By leveraging the right technology, companies can gather all the information they need and make it accessible to employees. Information is valuable but only when shared. The primary goal of internal communications is to foster transparency between individuals and departments. With a shared hub, employees will know how to look for relevant information and content, and hopefully also be able to comment on it internally. Keep in mind that it should never be about spamming but rather relevant targeting.

It boosts internal discussion

The best technology allows for not only access to the right information but also supports employee participation so that they can propose posts as well and start discussions. Interaction should be as easy as possible, with the possibility of segmenting information so that the audience always finds it relevant for them. Once employees know that the company supports open policies and engaging in discussion and sharing information, they will be more likely to do so on a daily basis and not just sporadically.

It’s good for company culture

Transparency and knowledge sharing is key when it comes to connecting people and giving individuals a voice within the workplace. Sharing knowledge and encouraging employee participation can be vital in supporting thriving employee engagement and for a company culture based on trust to emerge.

Start at the top and think about how you can support knowledge sharing internally and embed it into your company in a lasting way – "Internal communication and knowledge sharing thrive in a mutually dependent cycle". When everyone can pitch in, internal communication can flow seamlessly without silos and effectively. 

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Annika Rautakoura
August 31, 2017