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Nov 29, 2016

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Driving Content Marketing Through Employee Advocacy

We believe in the power of individuals and content. With native advertising losing momentum and the digital landscape becoming more hectic,...

We believe in the power of individuals and content. With native advertising losing momentum and the digital landscape becoming more hectic, individuals now have the power to influence and educate others with the content they post.


Employee Advocacy relies on the expertise of individuals posting on social media to support companies’ branding needs. All of this is done through content, accessible to all those taking part in an Employee Advocacy program.

There are several ways in which Employee Advocacy supports content marketing.


1) Alignment around a shared content strategy

Involving different teams around a single content strategy is the top challenge faced by companies, Altimeter reveals.* An Employee Advocacy program gathers employees around a single, organization-wide content hub, where employees can find, comment on and share it. Through an Employee Advocacy app, employees have access to both company-related and third-party content that can be shared to their social networks.

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2) Measuring results

When content is shared through a single app, employees participate in the company’s content marketing efforts in a way that is measurable. The most popular metrics for measuring sources used to create relevant content are social media metrics (65%) and website analytics (63%)*. In addition to providing channel-specific analytics which are naturally built into social channels, an Employee Advocacy app gives the big picture of how content is producing results across social media.   


3) Boosting content’s reach and engagement

The top two drivers for starting an Employee Advocacy program are engagement and reach of posts**. Employees’ reach on social is far greater than the brand’s corporate social media pages combined**. The potential reach of an Employee Advocacy program can be calculated by multiplying the number of employees with the size of their networks.


content reach.png


4) Trust and authenticity

People are more inclined to trust a face than logo***. Content’s reach go beyond the typical marketing metrics. In addition to brand awareness, content can boost transparency, loyalty and a sense of community*. Employee Advocacy supports brand awareness through humanized branding and content tailored to individual networks.


*The 2016 State of Digital Content: Content Strategy Goes Beyond the Marketing Department by Omar Akhta                       ** Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping into the power of an engaged workforce by Ed Terpening      ***Understanding Employee Advocacy on Social Media by Social Media Today and Hinge Research Institute 


For more information on how Employee Advocacy and content marketing align with each other, read more in our guide on How Employee Advocacy Boosts Content Marketing.

Free Guide on How employee advocacy boosts content marketing

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