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Jul 04, 2019

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Digital Transformation: Cyril Fleuret Explains Why Internal Communication Is the Key

85% of decision-makers say they have a time frame of approximately two years to undergo a digital transformation or they will fall behind their...


85% of decision-makers say they have a time frame of approximately two years to undergo a digital transformation or they will fall behind their competitors.

What does digital transformation mean for your business? Embracing a digital transformation doesn’t mean implementing a new software or changing work habits.

Digital transformation is not all about technology. If you want to do it right and stay ahead of the competition, you need to change your business model, rethink your corporate culture, and review the way you communicate with your employees.

Making sure you communicate the changes the company is going through to your employees in an effective way is critical when it comes to digital transformation.

Cyril Fleuret, co-founder and Chief Business Officer at WAISSO, shares his thoughts on digital transformation and explains how Smarp can help businesses get employees involved in the process:

Hi Cyril, you founded WAISSO in 2003, can you tell us a bit more about your background, what's your story?

We founded WAISSO, a CRM digital agency with a main focus on Sales Force Automation (SFA), in late 2003.

Very quickly we understood that our clients’ marketing teams needed solutions to support their digital transformation.

digital-transformation-in-the-workplace (1)

When we founded WAISSO, we were at the beginning of this new adventure, when marketing and communication professionals had to juggle with new technologies, tools, and organizational structures.

Since then, we decided to support our clients all along the customer’s journey, starting from the implementation of marketing automation solutions such as Adobe Campaign or Selligent, to the management of their social media and content strategy.

Digital Transformation and Internal Communication in the Workplace

What are the common challenges businesses are facing when it comes to building an internal communication that drives digital transformation?

Before you think about defining an effective internal communication strategy, the first step is to understand the company’s digital strategy at the highest level!

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It’s quite rare to find a business with a real digital strategy in place where all the elements are identified: future risks and opportunities, environmental and social impacts on their industry.

The internal communication should flow from the highest corporate level, after they have drawn the vision up.

After that, the second challenge is to deploy this digital vision from the top to the entire company, and to onboard everyone to make sure that the strategy is effective.

the-role-of-internal-communication-in-digital-transformationMiddle management and employees are not always aware of the necessity to change their habits and of the opportunities this change will bring.

Also, the launch of this new strategy should be fast because the business world won’t wait for your company to get ready to face new challenges!

Another challenge that most companies are facing is the difficulty to communicate the business’s vision, goals and mission statement to their employees in an effective way.

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Even though the top management has a clear vision and business strategy, they usually don’t know how to make sure that all employees are aware of the company’s vision and have a good understanding of the company's mission statement.

With that work environment, it’s challenging to make sure that employees are aligned with the company’s vision.

For example, emailing the company’s mission statement and vision to your employees at the beginning of the year is not the best way to inform and engage with them!

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Your internal communication is the key when it comes to driving digital transformation in the workplace, so try to find engaging ways to communicate with your employees!

drive-engaging-internal-communication-to-encourage-digital-transformation-in-the-workplaceLet’s summarize the three top internal communication challenges most businesses are facing when it comes to digital transformation:

  • Having a clear understanding of the long-term communication strategy
  • Deploying the digital strategy across the organization
  • Communicating the digital strategy including the company’s vision, goals and mission statement to the employees in an effective way.

Smarp as a Digital Transformation Accelerator

For which reasons would you recommend your clients to use Smarp as an enabler and accelerator of digital transformation in the workplace?

By empowering employees in the workplace, Smarp makes it easy for businesses to take their digital transformation to the next level.

It’s not possible to change your employees’ habits by just saying so. You need to support them through small steps all along the process.

The most important thing is that with Smarp, employees become the actors and the ambassadors of the digital transformation.

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Think about it: your employees are the face of the business and by sharing updates related to the company’s digital transformation, they show that the company is becoming one of the leading businesses that have already embraced digital transformation.

That way, your employees contribute to the company’s image and messaging.

Also, by showing that the company is one of the leading businesses in the industry in terms of digital transformation, your employees can help you attract top talent, including millennials who are eager to work in a working environment driven by digital transformation.


Smarp and Internal Communication

According to you, how Smarp can also help businesses improve their internal communication?

Smarp helps employees to take part in the company’s internal communication in a proactive way. It makes it easy for them to catch up with the company and industry news.

Employees can also suggest content they find interesting and share it with their colleagues in an easy way:



Also, Smarp helps companies to make sure that the right employee gets the right information at the right time. That way, employees don't feel overwhelmed by irrelevant information or suffer from interruptions throughout their workday.

Digital Transformation Is Reshaping the Workplace

How do you see the digital workplace evolving in the upcoming years?

We have already experienced several digital disruptions since the beginning of the century (mobile, internet, social media…) … and it was in such a short period!

The millennium generation will have another behavior when facing these disruptions. They will generate new ideas, have new work habits (you can already notice that remote work is growing at a fast pace), and have new uses of technology.

Another example is artificial intelligence. It's already revolutionizing our daily lives, at home but also at work!

We are going to give some autonomy to objects through Internet of Things (IoT) in order to listen, analyze, decide and act.

With all these changes, we will need to find a way for humans and intelligent objects to work well together.

I think that in the upcoming years, we'll see a lot of innovations, but also  philosophical and users' rights-related debates.

Feeling inspired? You may also want to check out our eBook "The #NoSearching Revolution" where we explain how the digital workplace is reshaping the way we work! 

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