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May 28, 2019

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Dieter Jaspers on Taking Internal Communications to the Next Level with Smarp

Delivering effective internal communications is critical to your business success. Dieter Jaspers explains how Smarp helps employees connect with...


Delivering effective internal communications is critical to your business success. Dieter Jaspers explains how Smarp helps employees connect with each other and share knowledge at BBC.

Your internal communication strategy has a tremendous impact on your employees’ motivation, productivity, creativity and ability to work together.

Even though improving internal communications is a top priority for most businesses, 60% of companies in North America do not have a long-term strategy or vision for their internal communications. What’s more, 34% of employees worldwide are unhappy with the internal communications they’re experiencing and less than half of the workforce feels a connection with their company’s mission statement!

BBC, a leading B2B Marketing and HR agency based in Belgium, decided to take its digital internal communication to the next level by enabling employees to connect with each other and keep up with the industry news. And to do so, they’ve implemented Smarp that allows their employees to share BBC updates and any third-party content they find interesting or useful. That way, collaboration among teams becomes easier, creative thinking is encouraged, and employees help each other stay on top of B2B marketing trends. They also recommend Smarp to their clients that want to improve their content distribution and internal communications.

We had a chat with Dieter Jaspers, Head of Digital Experience at BBC, who shares his thoughts on internal communications and explains how Smarp can help organizations connect and engage with their employees.


Hi Dieter, you're Head of Digital Experience at BBC, can you tell us about your background, what's your story?

Ever since I started working at BBC in 2006, we have been experiencing the emergence of communication platforms and how our customers can benefit from them.

We are a leading B2B Marketing and HR agency located in Belgium working mostly for international companies. And one of my roles is to make sure we provide our clients with the right technology platforms to help them reach their goals.

According to you, how does Smarp support your clients' internal communications and content distribution?

There is so much information at our disposal today that finding the information that’s relevant for you and your colleagues can be really challenging.

When people find an interesting article, they probably email the link to the article to their colleagues. The same happens when the marketing or HR team wants to ask employees to share a relevant blog post or a job vacancy but this doesn’t work anymore since people are already receiving too many emails.

Smarp can help our customers on 3 levels:

1. Making it easy for employees to find and share relevant information.

In parallel, Smarp makes it easy for the admin(s) to manage all the content employees have access to.

2. Helping your employees to instantly share your content.

Your employees can share brand-related content such as company news, success stories, or articles mentioning the company with their networks in one click. Employees can also create their own posts on Smarp that their colleagues can share on social media. By posting relevant and informative content on a regular basis, they can position themselves as thought leaders and industry experts.

3. Giving you the insights to learn which goals are reached.

Marketing and HR teams can track KPIs on Smarp to understand which content works best and if your content strategy allows you to reach your business goals. By doing so, Smarp becomes a valuable part of your channel mix to distribute your content.

Watch the video below to learn how BBC decided to join our partnership program: 



You recommend Smarp to your clients and you also use it at BBC. How does it help you create engaging internal communications at your agency?

At BBC, we practice what we preach. Before recommending a platform to our clients, we want to use it at BBC.

“Smarp is our go-to place for sharing any type of news with our colleagues whether it’s a strategic article about account-based marketing, an inspiring case study, or an internal announcement for our next training event”.

Everybody is allowed to push any news they want. We only ask our colleagues to use the appropriate tags so people can easily find information that may be interesting for them to read.

encouraging-creative-thinking-in-the-workplace-with-smarp-minAnd if we want to promote our own work, news, blog posts or job vacancies, we post it to Smarp, let people share it, and track how these posts shared by our colleagues are performing compared to paid media. We are each time surprised by the high quality of leads or candidates we attract through Smarp in comparison with paid ad campaigns!

Can you share your own experience with Smarp, how does it help you keep up with the company news and industry trends?

I check Smarp mostly in the morning or evening, when I have the time to read information related to our business, our industry or any kind of content that is relevant for me. That’s why I’m personally a big fan of the app on my smartphone. Other colleagues prefer the web version of the platform.

“Having Smarp on my phone makes it so easy to recommend articles to my colleagues. I just need to copy and paste the URL of the article I want to share, select the tags I want to use and it’s done! It’s that simple”.

I like the fact that we have a communication channel at BBC where everybody can share knowledge and inspire each other – making sure that we know what’s happening in the ever-changing world of B2B & HR Marketing.

At BBC, we believe it’s important to invest in our people, to feed their curiosity and to make sure they can develop their skills. Smarp helps us to inspire our people.

Interested in learning more about internal communications? Feel free to download our free eBook “Building a Better Company with Internal Communications” where we share tips and tricks to help you take your internal communication strategy to the next level!

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