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May 04, 2020

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Communications Guru Brad Whitworth Joins Smarp's Strategic Services Team

Smarp is delighted to announce that internal communications thought leader Brad Whitworth is now part of our Strategic Services team, working...

Smarp is delighted to announce that internal communications thought leader Brad Whitworth is now part of our Strategic Services team, working exclusively with enterprise customers to develop and deliver innovative programs.

ATLANTA – May 4th, 2020 – The key to higher employee engagement and productivity is an employee communications program that shares highly targeted and job-relevant information with each and every employee. 

Companies, like people, are unique, and each requires a tailored communication strategy.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to internal communication (IC) challenges. For that reason, Smarp’s best-in-class employee communications platform provides a holistic solution that lets customers tailor their IC efforts effectively and conveniently. And Smarp builds on its technology offering with exclusive access to the industry knowledge and expertise required to implement a world-class communication program.  

On March 16, Smarp announced the addition of communications strategist Mike Klein to reinforce its strategic offering. Today, we are delighted to welcome another top-tier addition to the Smarp family — one of the most renowned communications experts in the world, Brad Whitworth. 

An award-winning communication professional, Brad brings more than 40 years of experience leading global communication teams in Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Oracle and Hitachi. Brad is a well-recognized and much-admired influencer in the global communications community. We are honored that Brad chose Smarp as his exclusive communication platform partner and we believe his expertise, paired with our technology, will help our customers take their communications programs to the next level.

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The partnership between Whitworth and Smarp gives customers the highest level of strategic support in the industry. Brad's experience and talent will help us address customer needs such as:

Crisis Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the crucial role of communications during a crisis. The way a company handles its crisis communications can often define its future – for the better or the worse. In times of crisis, an organization faces challenges from multiple angles. Effective comms are absolutely vital for continued success in situations like pandemic, economic or reputational crisis.

Brad has planned and executed effective communication strategies during earthquakes, hurricanes, data-center failures, wildfires, floods, volcanoes, pandemics, product recalls and more. His expertise in business continuity planning and crisis response is backed by years of on-air experience as a broadcast professional. Before, during and after a crisis, you need his experience on your team. 

Communications Planning

New technology requires organizations to rethink their communications strategy. Smarp opens a whole new world of possibilities for companies to enrich their comms programs. But technology is only one part of success. Understanding how to get the best return on the investment and achieve measurable business goals is essential, too. Having developed and implemented strategies for multi-billion dollar global corporations, Brad guides customers in that process, essentially becoming an extension of their communications leadership team. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be a great way for a company to facilitate growth, but it’s rarely easy to blend organizations. A robust communication structure and proven change-management processes are vital for success when combining the people, operations and cultures of multiple businesses. 

Over the years, Brad has directed communications through hostile takeovers, friendly mergers, integrations and acquisitions. He is a change-management expert and has proven himself to be a tremendous asset, partner and mentor for leaders and communication professionals alike. His extensive M&A experience paired with the power of the Smarp platform, will support customers going through a corporate integration.

Leadership & Manager Communications

Far too often companies take for granted the effectiveness of the communications from  everyone who manages people … from first-line supervisors to C-suite executives. Brad’s cutting-edge research proved the direct link between employee performance and managerial communication effectiveness. As part of Smarp's strategic services team, he can help your leaders and line managers become better at engaging with their teams. He can show you how to use the Smarp platform to amplify leaders’ messages, deliver them to the right audiences, and transform leaders into influencers — internally and externally. 

“It’s taken a global pandemic, but C-suite leaders finally are recognizing the value of effective employee communications. They’re making the necessary investments in both technology and communication professionals to create a connected workforce,” said Whitworth. “The key third ingredient is an enlightened communication strategy so that companies get the best possible return on their investments in technology and talent.” 

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About Smarp

Smarp’s mobile-first employee communications platform helps enterprise businesses effectively reach and engage every employee, from the office to the frontline.

Through Smarp, businesses can create, aggregate and automatically deliver personalized content to every employee, while empowering them to amplify select messages externally. The result is an increase in profitability and staff retention rates through a better goal and vision alignment, improved employee experience and productivity, and true brand advocacy.

More than 300 companies across the globe — including Amazon, Marriott, Swarovski, KPMG, and L’Oréal — trust Smarp to help them better inform and engage their people.

About Brad Whitworth

Brad Whitworth is a communications and marketing executive with more than 40 years of experience in high-tech, financial services, and non-profit organizations. He brings business and journalism degrees, global thinking, outstanding communication skills, savvy leadership, and large doses of ideation to solve strategic issues and produce measurable results.

Brad is a creative strategist, articulate spokesman, trusted counselor, accomplished speaker, and former broadcaster. Brad is a Fellow of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and a former chairman of the association. He is an author of the IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication and a speaker at more than 400 conferences, seminars, and university classes. His communication work has won multiple top honors from IABC, PRSA, Ragan, Gartner, AMCP, and more.

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