Employee Advocacy Breakfast with LinkedIn London Thu Oct 23rd

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Last updated: October 14, 2016

Food for Thought

While breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, Employee Advocacy is the most important mega trend every self-respecting marketing and communications professional has to be aware of.

Did you know, for example, that the network of your employees on social media is usually 15 times bigger than your company’s combined social media following? Understanding and acting on this is at the heart of Employee Advocacy.

Next week UK’s digital leaders will convene at LinkedIn’s central London offices for inspiring talks and discussions on Employee Advocacy. We will have speakers from the likes of EY and LinkedIn sharing their employee advocacy experiences and best practices with the audience. The event covers everything from the major changes in the communications landscape to an actual case study on launching a successful employee advocacy program to thousands of employees in 5 countries at once.


Want to attend?

The event is fully booked but if you want to try your luck, email us at registrations@smarpsocial.com and we will let you know if you can clinch a free cancellation seat. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from industry thought leaders on how your company can join the Employee Advocacy revolution!

Employee Advocacy Breakfast

Markus Linden
October 15, 2014