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Last updated: November 1, 2016

How can a staffing company benefit from Employee Advocacy? Opteam’s HRD Jarno Kujanpää talks Smarp with us.  


Opteam’s bread and butter includes outplacement, personnel development, finding employees and keeping them happy. Employee Advocacy has proven to be a useful tool to support this. The company’s HRD Jarno Kujanpää reports significant benefits just after a year of using Smarp. Opteam believes that the act of sharing content carries more value when the sharing is done by an employee, instead of the employer.


One Tool, Several Functions

Opteam and Smarp’s mutual journey started in March 2015, when the company had been looking for ways to ramp up their online presence and came across Employee Advocacy as a solution.

The user level of Smarp at Opteam is at such a high level among employees that new recruitments are quick to jump on the Employee Advocacy bandwagon and share content. Kujanpää says that employees have been very committed to advocating for their employer through Smarp.  

“Perhaps this indicates that they acquire a dedication towards Opteam from day one. In any case, it is wonderful to witness the personnel’s interest in supporting their own and Opteam’s brand,” he says. Kujanpää reveals that the company has used the platform to:

      1. Announce major open positions

They have focused on sharing selected open positions through Smarp to boost their visibility, while polishing the brand image. In some offices, Smarp has even been incorporated into the actual recruitment process, as employees decide to leverage their social media channels to spread the good word of open positions.

     2. Spread information nationwide

Smarp has proven to be an excellent tool for spreading content across Opteam’s different offices, when something big happens. The most shared content includes successful recruitment stories and significant events the company has been involved with, such as mental coaching for the Finnish Junior Ice Hockey team  In other words, content that affects the employees on a national level.

      3. Help employees improve their personal brands

By sharing and proposing relevant content, employees have been able to remain up-to-date on significant news within their industry, thus boosting their professional know-how. This has, in turn, contributed to their personal brands and social recognition.


One Tool, Immeasurable Results

The program has truly paid off, which the figures and Jarno Kujanpää can attest to.

Opteam has been able to cut back on advertising costs by increasing the visibility of open jobs. The Return On Investment for the first year alone is nearly fivefold, though according to the company, its monetary value does not correlate to the actual meaning and value it carries to companies and their employees.

“We have been able to tap into completely new networks in recruitment,” Kujanpää says. “When we do direct recruitment and tailor an offer for the client, we have specifically mentioned the high user rate of Employee Advocacy, and how it improves the likelihood of finding the right person for the right position." 

Opteam's HRD Jarno Kujanpää has been very satisfied with Smarp's result for the company.


Social Recognition for All

Kujanpää believes that because Employee Advocacy is such a new phenomenon, people are excited to get on board. Monetary rewards have, in any case, been secondary to other benefits for the employees.

The Smarp platform is also complimented for its effortless use. “Once it has been launched, it requires very little work to keep it running, due to employees’ proactivity,” says Kujanpää. “We have been very pleased with the last 14 months”.

Opteam is a recruiting and coaching franchise chain established in 1999. They have emerged as one of the largest operators in the field of recruitment, commanding a net revenue of 85.4 million euros in 2015. As an international expert in the market, Opteam is committed to making the world of work better. Their unique service concepts and operating models have been created to meet the current and future business needs. Opteam’s recruitment activities employ more than 10,000 people annually. 

Download the full case study below:

Download Opteam Case Study Call to Action | Smarp